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Accomplishment Report Essay Sample

Accomplishment Report Pages
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Performance Indicator
Problems Encountered
Period Coverage
I.Staff Development

1. Discuss possible proposal and resolve problems

2. Meet a more than 83% average rating

3. Enhancement of knowledge

Attended meeting every third Thursday of the scheduled meeting

Schedule Examination before 12 months of service

Reported procedures and cases related to the practice of nursing

All staff

All staff

All staff

Minutes of the meeting
Reported to the
Medical Director

All triage had their had their take home examination via email

Copy of reports attached to the minutes of the meeting



Unable to accomplish when meeting is done outside

March, May, September and November 2013

June 2013

May, June 2013

Problems discussed and proposals made

Staff rating identified that will be computed for their performance evaluation

New knowledge acquired and establish a better way of handling patient II.Area management

1.Provide a safety environment

Repair of the sliding door or swing door at the entrance


Job order for the repair of the sliding door and the proposal of the swing door.

Budget constraint for the swing door

February 2013

Sliding door repaired and swing door still for recommendation

III.Service management

1.facilitate proper segration and faster disposition of emerging disease

1.Monitor the ideal 2 hours waiting for patients treated at the triage section

2.monitor the cases and provide reporting of top cases for 2 months

3. Monitor and sort out the patients coming in and out of triage.

4.Monitor losses and supplies

1. Continue Emerging disease fastlane (dengue and measles)

Continue time and motion slip

Continue indexing

1. Logbook endorsement every shift

Endorsement of the supplies every shift





All staff

Flowchart posted at the triage area

Time and motion slip attached to chart and encoded for analysis and

Indexing reported every two months and submitted to the chief of clinics

Provide logbook for reference

Provide logbook for reference

No ideal set up for airborne diseases

Unavailability of forms and non working computer




December 2013 (measles)





Faster treatment and proper segration facilitated

Waiting time established and problems identified

Tope 3 cases for for each tiers established

Patient’s properly monitored (treated inside triage, waiting area, and for ancillary procedure)

Supplies and equipments are strictly monitored and staff are made aware of the responsibility

IV.Manpower management
1.Proper scheduling of duty

Scheduled 2 staff and 1 head nurse in the morning and 3 staff at night and during weekends.

All staff

Schedule of staff properly distributed submitted to the nursing service for approval of the medical director.



Staff scheduled as evidence by the submission of duty.

Additional accomplishment not included in the target list of 2013:

Performance Indicator
Problems encountered
Period coverage
Output/ remarks
Staff development

1.Motivate staff to improve performance

Service management
1.Improve the quality of service

2.Quick, easy and a more appropriate assessment of the triage staff

Giving of awards to deserving employees for the whole year service

Creation and proposal of new nursing guidelines for nurses

Revision of forms (new checklist prepared)


Staff /Customers


Cash and certificate given to selected employees during the end of the year

New guidelines incorporated in the minutes of the meeting for approval

Revised form submitted for approval and implemented



Unavailability of forms




Positive reinforcement provided

Triage staff properly guided and possible occurrence of complaint minimized Triage staff assessment became quick and data gathering became more accurate.

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