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Change Management Plan Essay Sample

Change Management Plan Pages
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An Effective Change Management
• Making Changes In The Decision-Making Process
• Employee Review
• What Training or Information is Required to Assist With Responsibilities

The Process for Striving for Excellence

Seven Aspects Of Our Culture:
.Values are what we Value
. High Performance
. Freedom & Responsibility
. Context, not Control
.Highly Aligned and Loosely Coupled
. Promotions & Development


Change Objectives


New Work

Projects Worked On

Working Toward Mastery
Get Familiar

Time Spent

Doing Your Best Work
• Working from home
• Working offsite
• Technology requirements

• Listen
– Treat people with respect
– Value ideas and opinions

• Discuss new ideas
• Best practices
• Take-away

• Define your challenges
– Resistance from current leadership

• Set realistic expectation
– For goals on managing caseloads

• Keep your eye on the goal
– Increased productivity
– Increased morale


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