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Electronic and non-electronic methods of communication Essay Sample

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Communicators need to be able to adapt to the manner of communication to suit a variety of different audiences the information is provided for. The individual would also need to cater to the audience needs by using an appropriate content to construct the message which in return would allow the communicator to successfully deliver the message. Information can now also be provided in a non-electronic and an electronic format which successfully achieves good communication between the provider and the audience.

In this task you have to find what skills are needed by a communicator to meet the needs of young audiences, old audience and special need audience to effectively communicate the information through electronic and non electronic format


Communicating to a younger audience needs to be engaging because these types of audience normally have a short attention span as a result they tend to lose interest rapidly. So a presenter needs to tailor to their needs by having an exciting and active presentation to keep the audience attention which will successfully get the message across.

Using humor when communicating to this audience is effective as it helps to ensure that the audience is interacting with the presenter by making sure the audience is listening, therefore assisting the presenter to inform or teach the audience.

The use of slang to approach this audience would be the appropriate level to use as it provokes them to listen and to be interested since they can identify with the language. It also stops the presentation from coming across as boring.

Being interactive with this audience helps to make sure they fully understand the information presented to them and encourages them from seeking clarification if needed. It also helps to keep the audience entertained.

Keeping eye contact with a younger audience enhances communication as it provides the reassurance that the presentation is solely targeted at them.

Presentations should be formal but for a young audience it can be informal to make the atmosphere less intense but instead light and casual to keep the audience relaxed and engaged.

Short sentences are useful when presenting to a young audience as it makes the information easy to remember and less boring for the audience.

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