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Perceived Effect of Single-Parenthood On Child-rearing

Abstract             The present study focuses on the perspective of the child in a single-parent family as regards the child-rearing practices of the parent. The study will deal with three…

The Effect Of Scarcity And Choice To Supply And Demand

Resources are scarce since the quantities available to us are much less than the quantities we require to satisfy all our wants, which are limitless. As such we must us…

The Effect of Religious Practices on Depression

One’s faith can provide comfort in times of stress and difficulties.  Films and literature, both fictitious and nonfiction, abound with people calling out to God in distress, and often receiving…

The Effect of Religion Upon the Colonies

Religion was hugely important to early colonists. In many cases it was the driving force that took them so far from home. According to early documents, collected by S.G.Goodrich, in…

The Effect of Relative Economic Status on Fertility

In Bahr and Chadwick’s (1975) research on the relationship of fertility and relative economic status and income. Their conclusion is that though socioeconomic differentials in fertility have diminished, fertility still…

The Effect Of Preview Questions On The Listening Comprehension Of TOEFL Examinees

Literature Review Background of the Review      Communication is one factor in human relations that could not be removed from existing within the community of humans. This is primarily because…

Significant Factors for Choice of Entry Mode in a Foreign Country

Companies which are able to survive through the years of competitive business have no other sensible path but to expand its range (Lovén 2007). Growth is usually equated to the…

The Effect of Media Violence on Children

Introduction             Of the many technological innovations the U.S. has witnessed during the latter half of the 20th century; arguably none has been more important in the lives of children…

The Effect of Legal Environment on Voluntary Disclosure

1- Objective of the study: The research issue that the article attempts to address is the relationship between legal regime and specific management forecast disclosures. Specifically, it looks at how…

The Effect of Highly Qualified Teachers On High-School Standardized Tests

 1.    Background of the Study             The Federal Government of the United States is trying its best to provide a very effective educational system. Part of the improvement is to…

The Effect Of Heroin On Pregnant Women

Introduction             With the trend of having young and unprepared mothers today, it could not be denied that there are those who are yet too young to realize of their…

Government Interference: To Impose or Not to Impose

A perfect market for economists is a perfectly competitive market with absolutely no interferences from the government[1]. A competitive market economy, on the other hand, is the best vehicle for…


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