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The lovely red cap has been a forever memory reminding me of that meaningful experience now then. In the freshman winter vacation, I participated in an activity organized by a community from Henan University to visit the poor old people and do some researches about the rural areas. It was a special experience which gave me a new impression on the reality of our country’s rural society.

Most students went home as soon as the final exam was over. But we, these volunteers, stayed at school for another two days to receive an orientation so that we could complete our task excellently. Then we set out on a cold winter morning with heavy luggage. We also held a starting ceremony for the activity in front of the auditorium in our university. In the chilling wind, everyone stood straight listening to the teachers’ instructions, with a red cap on his head and a solemn expression on his face. All the volunteers were divided into five groups and each had a different destination. I along with other 17 friends was distributed to Batou, a small village subordinate to Kaifeng.

Since we had never had such experience before, we were quite excited on the bus anticipating the beautiful country view, the kind-hearted people there and the different life we would have during the following days. We couldn’t help sing songs all the way. The exciting sound made us feel more enthusiastic. I made up my mind dumbly that I would spare every effort to accomplish my responsibility. After three hours’ journey, we arrived at our destination. Getting off the bus, I was astonished by that desolate and bleak picture: the narrow, muddy road with scattered rubbish ran through the village; the yellow earth was dotted with old and shabby brick houses; the wild wind shook leaves off trees; no person came into sight. I had thought that my hometown was poor enough to live in until I saw this scene.

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