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Throughout the years technology has effect people around the world, teens were mostly effected by technology. Technology had not only made a positive effect on teens. But, technology has made a negative effect on teens, by keeping them from going out, exploring, and interacting with people.

The negative effects electronics had on teens vary. From the way teens think of themselves, to the way they act, and how they interact, and many more. One major reason is teens can become depressed, not like themselves for who they are because they get cyber-bullied. In some circumstances the teens end up killing themselves on purpose or accidentally. Ekjaer wrote that teens cam hinder and then might not be able to take it anymore and kill themselves or harm themselves. Also teens can accidentally get killed because they might be too focused on what other people are saying about them that they could get in a car crash. Ekjaer is trying to say that more teens are getting cyber-bullied than bullied in school that teens harm themselves more when they get cyber-bullied, worst case scenario they die. Another reason is teens would much rather be on their phones in an isolates place them interact with people and explore the world. Ashley M. wrote “Teens have stopped picking up the phone to talk to a family member” Teens would much rather not see the or just text them.

It will get harder to interact with people that way because it’s easier to say stuff over text then in real life. Ashley M. also wrote that teens become in their own world when they text or out in headphones so teens risk of getting hurt is much higher. Teens isolate themselves and just go into their own world and not pay attention. The last reason i have is teens gain a lot of weight, develops diseases, and lack physical activity. Roberts states that ” 33% of teens are obese” This is because teens that are obese stay inside and eat all day, and lack physical activity to burn off the calories so teens become obese. Roberts also states teens could get heart disease, arthritis, etc. This is because when teens lay down or sit all day their joints will stiffen and they could develops arthritis. Heart disease could also from lack of physical activity. There are many reasons technology is bad for teens but these are the most common ones.

Technology can be a useful tool for educating teenagers. When used in moderation, it can help students with their studies. However, overuse of technology such as cell phones, computers and television can be harmful in a number of ways. Such as depression, self-harm, diseases develpoed from lack of physical activity, obesity, and hindering teens from the real world.

Technology has made a negative effect on teens, by keeping the, from going out, exploring, and interacting with other people. I suggest not be on your phone all the time and get out and explore the world before the bad negative effects come to you.

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