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Woodworking is a rewarding and satisfying hobby that so many of us enjoy. As with any trade or skill, I have discovered many tips and tricks throughout the years that have greatly improved my abilities.

The following list is eleven of the most useful things I have learned about woodworking. By becoming familiar with each one, you will save yourself many headaches.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Advice

Fellow woodworkers love to share their tips and tricks of the trade. Read woodworking magazines and ask questions of others interested in this hobby or those who have made woodworking their trade.

Along with talking to people in your community, take advantage of the internet. There is literally a whole world out there ready to give you pointers. Endless information can be found at your fingertips.

Use social media such as Facebook to connect with woodworking organizations. You’ll also find many blogs as well as helpful instructional videos on YouTube.

2. Enjoy Woodworking

Don’t get so caught up in wanting to be the best and create the most perfect projects that you forget to slow down and enjoy the hobby for what it is. Take your time and enjoy each step towards that finished project.

When we get to eager for that finished piece, we miss the beauty of the creation process. Relax and have fun. Do this even on those days where it feels like nothing is turning out right.

Do your best without expecting perfection. You should be doing woodworking

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