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It was a typical (ordinary) school day and I was being packed with my heavy load. I had different compartments. Inside in you could find books, pencils, erasers, rulers, dictionary, Atlas of Belize, some coins and other stuff (things). My zips were closed and I was lifted off the ground. It was time to go to school.

I was being tossed (flipped, swung) around. I kept bumping into something hard. Soon I felt myself being lifted up again. ‘We were at school.’ I thought to myself. I was being carried up a hill towards the classroom. Even though I have never seen it I was so used to the route/everyday activities. I have been travelling on it for seven years. I felt myself being pushed into a cupboard or something like that. I knew I had to wait in this squashy/filthy, messy, dirty hole till four o’clock. Hours came and went. I felt books being put into me and taken out throughout the long, busy/dragging day. Not again! I felt water seeping in to the books and dampening/wetting my spirit. It was the worst thing that could happen at that time of day.

I knew I had to have the worst punishment for something that the evil water bottle did. It never gets any punishments! It’s not fair! A few hours later I was worried I might be ripped apart when I was being forcefully pulled out of the cupboard like a thing and lifted up onto my owner’s shoulders. At least he doesn’t carry me on one shoulder like my previous owner did. It must be four o’clock. I was ready to get a ride on my owner’s bicycle. I enjoyed the ride as we went down the hill. I was being lowered into the back seat. The bumpy ride started and a few minutes later it ended.

I was at home and being released of my load, but I knew I was going to be put outside because I was soaked. As I was drying in the sun I knew already that my faded colours were going to fade (vanish, disappear) even more. I was being picked up and carried through the house. I was roughly flung (thrown, swung) onto the ground and left there abandoned, in that uncomfortable position, for the rest of the night. Life as a school bag is so boring. People should know that they should treat us with love, respect and care. We are made from different species/materials and if our species die out human beings will have to carry everything themselves. A Day In The Life Of A Pencil

Hi, my name is Bob.I’m a pencil and I live in St Gray’s School of Bullies.It was quite boring in a box but I did have company because I was one of the many coloured pencils in the box.My colour is yellow and my pencil friends call me Bright Bob.When I was playing with my best friend George the Orange Pencil, a boy called Jess picked up our box and bought us, then took us out of our box and put us into a fluro green pencilcase.That’s how I got here, at St Grays School of Bullies. I am now the shortest pencil in the pencilcase because I get used the most.I draw suns and cartoon ducks with George, and that’s my favourite time.One of my least favourite times is when I have to draw flowers with Lily the purple pencil, and she’s a girl!My other least favourite time is when I have to be sharpened by Sam the evil sharpener.

His blade cuts into my wood and it sears with pain.I hate my owner, Jess.He’s a goody-goody and is the teascher’s pet.He is extremly annoying and eats paper.Hess doesn’t deserve to be at St Grays School of Bullie because he’s not a bully, he’s not naughty and he’s not been in a fight once.It’s extra fun when the naughtiest kids steal the pencilcas for Jess and hide us inside paper aeroplanes which they then throw around. After and before school it’s very quiet and still, so George and I come out of our pencilcase and look in other pencilcases and meet new pencils.It’s very easy to find our way back to the pencilcase because it’s fluro green and very big.It is great fun being a pencil, except for being sharpened by Evil Sam and be put with GIRLS!!!

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