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Step 1: Observe

Lady Macbeth is sleep walking and is also talking about what happened between Macbeth and Banquo Lady Macbeth is wearing a white dress and black hair which shows darkness and a doctor along with a lady stood in the corner to listen to what she was saying in the sleepwalking The scene consisted of the doctor, the lady and Lady Macbeth. The doctor is a woman, the gentle lady is a servant, and, Lady Macbeth is in a white dress with dark hair.

Step 2: Question

Did stress cause her to sleep walk like that?
Why did the artist have the doctor in the corner?
Why is the doctor a female instead of a male?

Step 3: Analyze

When she says “Out dammed spo, out, I say” and “Will these hands ne’er be clean” she means she wants the guilt off of her and is guilty from all the murders The doctor, lady, and Lady Macbeth is in a room but is carrying a candle and sleepwalking. The doctor and the lady are sneaky Lady Macbeth seems like she is trying to tell someone something for he to not stress much Step

4: Evaluate

Lady Macbeth was guilty and was probably was telling someone in a dream. So that means she needs to get this thing off her chest by telling someone Lady Macbeth is having horrible time with her guilt so she sleepwalks instead of telling someone what’s on her mind Lady Macbeth was talking to someone in her head because of the face expressions and movements she did.

Final Critique
The video, text and picture showed because Lady Macbeth was stressed and guilty. But, it was a little different in the video though. In the text, Lady Macbeth is sleep walking and saying personal things that people shouldn’t hear. There were two people, the doctor and the servant that watched her carefully when she was talking to herself. She confesses to the murders and rats out her husband, Macbeth. She talks about the deaths and how she shouldn’t worry because since they are dead, they stay dead. In the picture, she is sleepwalking where there’s the doctor and servant in the corner watching her. In the play, the story is brought to life. Lady Macbeth talks in her sleep with worry in her tone of voice. She was scared, shaken up, and was really trying to get the murders she committed of her mind. The only difference was the doctor was a female.

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