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General Instructions
Written communication skills are critical to successfully performing this job. The purpose of this exercise is to consistently and carefully assess the written communication skills of each applicant. This exercise can be completed at a location of your choice and should be completed electronically. Please send an email with the final version of the writing sample document attached to Marissa Shimada at [email protected] by end of the day Wednesday, June 3rd.

Your Role and Task
You are a Financial Analyst – Wholesale Credit Program.
A critical part of the Financial Analyst job is to draft certain written communications for your office. The document should be in Word and be no more than 3 pages.
Your writing assignment will be evaluated for clarity, conciseness, synthesis of information, critical thinking, and how well it addresses the audience’s needs. Your writing assignment will NOT be evaluated for its compliance with banking policy.

Writing Scenario Description

Presentation type: Executive Summary

Audience: Internal Bank Executives

Topic or core idea: Write an Executive Summary outlining the current financial position and competitive environment of The Home Depot, Inc. This should include its “return to retail” strategy and its approach for managing through the current economic cycle. You should use this information to summarize the key risks associated with lending to this business.

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