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Cell phones are dangerous because of many reasons. One reason that cell phones can be dangerous is because if the GPS is on, then people can track someone just by the GPS being on. When the GPS is on the predators act like police and know how to track people by the GPS, also by photo posts especially when the post is on the photo map. A photo map is used to see where a picture was taken. The next reason why cell phones can be dangerous is because they can be used to set a bomb. Usually when a bomb is set using a phone is because it’s a terrorist attack. So that is why when there a lock down they always tell us to turn off phones and other devices because the people that are in the building could set a bomb. Another reason why cell phones could be dangerous is because according to Mayo Clinic, they say that cell phones could cause brain tumors. The way that cell phones could cause brain tumors is because for frequent cell phone users they are always on their phone. There was a study that Mayo Clinic did and they found that for frequent cell phone users they ended up having Glioma. Glioma is a certain type of brain tumor. By frequently being on your phone you could be at risk for carcinogenic.

This is basically what cell phone radiation is. The cell phone gives off a radioactive field, which may cause cancer. Mayo Clinic is not saying that cell phone radiation is the cancer-cause agent but, sometimes this may be the case. Even though cell phones have many reason why they’re dangerous they also have their advantages and benefits. One benefit on having a cell phone is that you’re able to communicate when it’s needed, especially when plans have changed or something else has come up. So maybe you are planning to go to the movies but suddenly you realize you’re going to be late because there’s traffic on the highway, so without a phone there would be no way to tell the other person that you will be running late. Another reason why cell phones are good is because maybe when there is a car accident on the highway you can notify someone, or maybe even you yourself have been in a car accident you would have to notify someone of your family so that they know where to meet at and what to do.

In case of a fire car accident, or a bigger emergency you will be able to notify 911 or others. The only situation that a cell phone would be good would be if it were used to get help if you were to be in a really bad car accident, or maybe there was a fire at your house or someone else’s house. Basically the point that I am trying to get to here is that the only way a cell phone would be good is by just using it for ways of communication in case of emergency. Although there are good benefits of having a phone, there are also bad benefits. Cell phones are more dangerous more than they are good. The reason being because they can lead to kidnappings, murder, rape, terrorist attacks, and possibly even brain tumors.

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