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What makes Bollywood movies surge high in the entertainment business? What makes Bollywood movies unique from other movies? Find out more about Bollywood movies below. “From the glitziest of entertainment to the sparest of intellectual abstraction, from lavish spectacle to minimalist poetry, issues of gender, of politics, of poverty and plenty, India’s cinema encompasses them all. – Vasudev, Aruna (ed.) (1995), Introduction, Frames of Mind: Reflections on Indian Cinema, New Delhi: UBSP- Ever since, Bollywood movies are always unique and full of art as well as moral lessons.

Every movie clearly shows how diverse Indian culture is. Viewers and supporters of Indian cinema could never see a Bollywood movie without dancing and singing, it always has varieties of songs and dance performed by the main characters back-upped by many supporting casts. In addition, when it comes to dancing and singing, many viewers find it amazing to see on how the whole groups of dancers dance so well in unison. Bollywood Movies seem to entertain their viewers through their energetic dancers, colorful and cultural-oriented costumes, passionate moves and spectacular settings.

What really is the Great Thing about Bollywood Movie?
One great thing about their films is that the characters deliver the necessary expressions so well which successfully manage to give the viewers the targeted emotion they want to send. To be quoted on, honestly, for every Bollywood movie I have watched, I either laughed so hard or cried or the combination of both. It is indeed true that lots of Indian Movies do have sense; show the reality of life not just a mere fantasy or broad imagination, actions or a flat comedy, most of the movies were properly scrutinized, and script were intelligently written (well, base from the movies I have watched). I have realized and learned something from those movies, especially the Taare Zamen Par which means “every child is special” and my most favorite Bollywood Movie, 3 idiots which I really had a good laughed while watching. No doubt, bollywood movies like those two, are the primary reasons why many people outside India love Bollywood Movies.

If you watch Bolywood Movies you should know what I am talking about, you might want to view one if you still not, I will also give you a list of good and entertaining Indian Movies in the future. It is a fact that many people can relate to Indian films especially citizens across Asia, though it is also popular and highly watched on some countries in Europe and Africa, USSR and Latin America. Asians highly supported it, not because the Indian culture is a bit similar to the culture of other countries here in Asia, or because India is a neighboring country but simply because of the fact that in their every movie there were embedded truths which Asians feel and appreciate. And those people from different countries in other continents seem to feel it too. Apparently, Bollywood films draw a lot of sympathetic viewers from around the world through their impressive themes, plots, settings and characters.

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