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1. Title: How can effective recruitment and selection of staff impact on growth comparing traditional and modern approaches? 2. Rationale and Research Questions:

Employment is a key function of human resource management, an omnipresent activity of all companies consequently measuring this against a business’s progress will assemble evidence of how valued the selection methods are regarded within present-day business. This research proposal intends to broaden the knowledge within the field of recruitment and selection, carrying out extensive research on the shifting strategies and systems implemented against the success of the organisation to analyse a potential correlation. The prominence of employment in the workplace generates curiosity in this area of research as enterprises seek to find the most effective approach when hiring potential candidates for their exclusive job role and circumstances.

The research questions addressed will assist towards constructing a proposal that aims to inform and interest the reader. 1. To establish the selective methods used in recruitment and the impact these individual approaches have on success. 2. To identify the difference between selection and recruitment on the development of an organisation. 3. To show the influence of change in employment and the way that it has been impacted. 3. Literature Review

Effective Recruitment & Organizational Performance
Important Aspects of Recruitment Strategies
Recruitment Process
HR Role in the Recruitment Process
Challenges in Recruitment
Selection Process
As you review the literature (identifying strengths, weaknesses, methodological trends/limitations, assessing reliability, generalisability etc.) you will gradually arrive at your research questions. Use the review to create/justify the research questions. Conclude by stating where your work will fit into the literature. E.g. Will you add something new? Develop understanding of something? Address a weakness in the literature? 4. Methodology / Methods / Sample (as a guide: around 600 words)

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