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My first priority is to keep the environment safe to reduce injures. I will take my responsibility very seriously and make sure that there is no child injures at the center. I will make sure that there is no infant left unattended on a changing table. Young infants are only allowed to sleep in their cribs. Not in the car safety seat, bouncy seat, or any other equipment that is not safety approved. Cribs in our facility will be free of blankets, toys and other soft materials that could cause suffocation. All of our facility toys will be large enough to prevent infants from trying to eat or swallow objects that could cause choking.

On a daily basis, all toys and equipment will be inspected to make sure they are safe and in working order. Broken toys, chipped wall paint, loose nuts and bolts or splinters from wooden furniture will not be acceptable at any time. All electrical cords and wires in my facility will be tied and out of sight to prevent children from tripping and falling. All of our unused electrical outlets will be covered by safety devices to prevent children from placing objects into the sockets. Last but not least, safety rules and guidelines will constantly be preached and practiced by our children.

Health is extremely important in our lives and the health of our children will be taken very seriously. To maintain a healthy environment, I will conduct daily inspections to check for any signs of illness. Parents will be encouraged to keep sick children at home to prevent the possibility of spreading illnesses. To keep young infants healthy, staff will be required to wear disposable gloves while changing diapers, wiping noses and while serving food. Employees and children alike will be constantly reminded to wash their hands thoroughly throughout the day. A clean and healthy environment is a must.

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