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Public Interest
The American “education system” is an example that comes to mind. Most people agree that an education is a public good. But then you have some that strongly disagree. In some cases, programs like charter schools are seen as dwindling public schools. In this instance, it is imperative to think critically as education is key to a successful country. Free will, Truth, Knowledge, and Opinion.

Free will
According to “Merriam-Webster” (2014), “Free will is the ability to choose how to act or the ability to make choices that are not controlled by fate or God.” We use free will to make decisions not determined by religion or government but solely based on our minds. Freewill capacity is exclusive to each that permits them to control their actions. Truth

There are many definitions for truth. However, “truth is the actual state of matter and honesty and integrity (, 2014).” Truth is used to validate statements and facts. Truth is also used to measure someone veracity. Nonetheless without truth and significance it is just a word. Knowledge

“Acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation; general erudition (, 2014).” Knowledge may perhaps be used in critical thinking to convey information found and then given to people requiring the information. Knowledge is power; it is truth and understanding. Opinion

“Opinion is a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty (, 2014).” An opinion is ultimately a sense and information pending together to make a statement. In critical thinking, this is used to share particular beliefs on a problem; relatively than spread facts around it. Three hindrances to the critical thinking process.

There are three hindrances to the critical thinking process are human limitation, use of language, and perception. Methods for overcoming these hindrances are acquiring a sufficient understanding contingent on the issue imminent. Second, “critical thinkers must identify when words are not intended to communicate ideas, but rather to control a thought and behavior (Haskins, n.d.).” Lastly, free will is an absolute way to overcome any hindrance as it gives one the ability to make choices that are not controlled. An experience when a hindrance in my critical thinking took place; I had the opportunity to promote to senior management with Wells Fargo. My manager who was my mentor at the time encourage to interview for the position. However, due to basic human limitation my feelings hindered me as I felt I was not perfect or unworthy. Message in Advertising.

The “SlimQuick” commercial famous line states “Men are fat and happy, and women are just fat.” My first perception of the message was there was a double standard. The reality of the commercial is to sell a weight loss product. Women identify with the ad as women tend to be unhappy when they are overweight. As, I distinguish between the perception and reality men lose weight much faster than women as I can attest because the advertisement reflects my spouse and me.


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