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In recent time, argument around bottled water vs. tap water becomes hot. Some people believe there must be some advantages of bottled water; otherwise it should not exist in the market. While others claim bottled water brings lots of issues; they even appeal to stop selling bottled water in colleges. My claim is, we should not stop selling bottled water in Humber College. Here below are two reasons for my claim.

First, bottled water is better than tap water in avoiding bacterial issue. The bottled water usually is stored in transparent bottles with sealed lid. They are hard for bacterial growth. If something is wrong (e.g. discolored, sediment, leaking) with the water or the container, it is easy to see, preventing people to drink the water. While tap water needs a distribution system of pipes, in which bacteria can grow easier. A research from University of Sheffield shows “If the bacterial growth is too heavy, it can break off into the water flow, which at best can make water discolored or taste unpleasant and at worst can release more dangerous bacteria”. (2013, August 14) Furthermore, most sections of the system are underground pipes which are invisible. We cannot see what the problem is and where it is in time. This could bring serious health danger to people.

Second, bottled water can be recalled when water quality issue happens. Bottled water is under the regulation of governmental administration (e.g. US Food and Drug Administration). Pre-arranged plan is the guarantee for avoiding health danger when water quality issue happens. The common solution for quality issue (e.g. contamination) is product recall. It is not difficult to identify and recall the lots of bottled water with problem. For example, in 2011, US FDA issued one recall of Mountain Pure bottled drinking water for the reason of biological contamination after sample test. (US FDA, 2011, May 4) On the contrary, if quality issue of tap water happens, it is quite hard to identify and prevent people to drink the water with problem. The people live in impacted area may be required to drink bottled water temporarily. At least, the problem could not be solved as efficient and convenient as a recall.

According to the above two reasons, we understand that bottled water has the advantages of avoiding bacterial issue and can be recalled. We may benefit from the advantages of bottled water, either in preventing water quality issue or after issue happens. That is why I think we should not stop selling bottled water on campus.


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