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Many people say that when you are disabled your limited to a bunch a things. The truth is that not having arms or legs can’t stop you from doing something you want to achieve. In the video I saw how people with no arms were able to swim cook and do a lot of things people with all their body parts can do. Some of them even had a prosthesis to fill in for the body part they were missing and they were doing things like they would regularly do it with the body part. Since a person doesn’t have a body part everybody automatically says “oh well he can’t do anything like that” but the truth is that that disabled person may be able to do more than the person saying he can’t do anything. In life you can learn so much from disabled people like overcoming what other people say because being disabled makes people think less of you simply because you are different from them.

In life being different from the regular people is an opportunity to show them you can do anything in life no matter how many body parts you may not have .The daily life a disabled person isn’t easy but each day they go outside with their chins up and think in all the great things of life. Also something you can learn from the life of a disabled is that patience can get you through almost anything. Another thing, don’t sweat the little things in life, you think your life is the worst because something didn’t go the way you wanted, so you couldn’t go to see your favorite movie or eat at your favorite restaurant? No biggie, things could be worse but their aren’t because you have the blessing of having all your body parts while some people are out their struggling to live their lives with without some.

The way this impacted me was in a good way showing me that I can’t just simply give up because I couldn’t complete something when out there are disabled people that do things sometimes even better than the abled people. The successful “handicapped” person is superhuman, triumphing over adversity in a way, serving as an example to the world; the impairment gives disabled persons a chance to exhibit virtues they didn’t know they had, and teach the rest of us patience and courage. And like the quote at the end of the video “in life when there’s a will effort and faith in God nothing is impossible!”

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