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If we all spoke the same language, would we think in the same way? Discuss the issue using examples, details, and your personal experie-nces of English and your native language. Answer:

A Language is a special “tool” which helps humans communicate with each other and also, being unique in comparison with the other animals and species. Due to its specific properties, a language is the way humans can share their thoughts to each other. In other words, language is the door which leads to human’s soul and mind. Through thousands of years of existence, language has spread to every corner of the world with different sounds and forms even the phomenes, people in different areas use languages to describe and express their ideas differently. Due to this reason,a large number of psycologists agreed that “languages mould the way we think” and “if all mankind spoke the same language, we would think the same way”. I do not think that this is an entirely correct opinion. Language is the way humans communicate with each other and express their idea.

It is controversial about how people think-by figures (image) or by concepts (words). It is clear that people brainstorm through imagination and ideas in their mind. Then they put them in a logical order and describe them via languages. Because humans express their thought via language so it is claimed that the way people think is related to languages. But the opinion that “languages help mould the way we think” is not correct. Since humans just use languages to express ideas which appear in their mind, so language is just a “tool”, but do not mould the way people thinking. For example, althoug a VietNamese and an English-speaker, speaking in different languages (VietNamese and English ), their opinions are the same about some issue in their lives, if they both disagree with littering, so despite speaking different language, their ideas and the way they think are all the same.

Since it is claimed that “languages influence the way we think”, it leads to another opinion: “if we all spoke the same language, would we think in the same way?”. I can say that if we all spoke the same languge, we would not think the same way. As I mentioned before, language is a “tool” that humans use to express their idea, and it can not mould the way people think. For example, two Viet Namese A and B, they all speak the same language which is Viet Namese, but their opinions are different. An argument is about “eating dog meat”.

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