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There seems to be various issues with e-learning in business. Online learning detracts from focus and learning. In addition, there are many different learning styles and some people cannot adapt to this laissez-faire type of learning. Having no real structure or commitment for people in e-learning makes it difficult for those who are used to a traditional learning environment.

In order to solve the various issues with e-learning we must understand the problem. The problem stands with how e-learning is structured and unmonitored. We should implement a structured plan for employees that will enroll in the e-learning program. Including a monitoring system would ensure these employees are not falling behind or leaving their work to a search

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Executive summary
This report analyzes the benefits and the detriment of e-learning and a recommendation is presented to support this educational tool. Different teaching styles are not for everyone E-learning is a growing industry which has led to an easier and faster way to educating people. Yet, teaching techniques like these can be difficult to grasp depending on the person. If someone wants to truly commit to online learning they must be willing to implement good study habits and not procrastinate. Because there is not a Professor constantly reminding you of due dates an e-learning student must learn to be organized. In addition, to organizational skill e-learners must know how to use all the tools that are at their disposition.

Cost Effective
Many companies opt into e-learning because it is a convenient and cost effective way to train and educate their employees. The fact that these online courses are self-paced and you can attend class at whatever time you want makes it alluring. Because a person can do their schooling at home and they need not take time from work e-learning is convenient for full-time employees. Having this great educational tool allows for the

Time Convenience

E-learning has evolved education so that it is available for everyone from the full-time employee or the stay at home mom. Educating people online is a very handy tool but it comes with a certain risk. These risks interfere with the traditional way of educating a student and could lead to procrastination and dissipation of funds. Here in lies the dilemma, is e-learning a viable tool for businesses? E-learning (work on thesis statement) Subheading Reason 1: Advantages In today’s world having the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to enhance your education or life is the most important. For years now people have been searching for a way to educate themselves without having to spend a fortune. Traditionally people would have to find time to go to school but now that is all left in the past. E-learning has made it possible for all


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