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The film “A Bran Nue Dae” was a very intriguing film and was definitely unique. This particular movie tells the story of an adolescent Aboriginal boy and his journey to return back home to Broome. Along the way he meets characters that challenge him, which helps him mature but also embrace his Aboriginal heritage. Throughout the movie there are many unexpected occurrences that make it thoroughly enjoyable and a great family movie. There were many aspects within the movie in which I liked immensely and made the film so captivating. Some of the features were the unexpected plot twists throughout the entire movie, the uniqueness of the movie as there is no other movie that could compare to it and the significance of the scenes with the Aboriginals standing up for their rights and opinions.

One particular aspect within “Bran Nue Dae” was the interpretation of the Aboriginal characters and as the movie progressed the stereotypical views of them started to disappear. Throughout the movie there were some negative things that were present within it. Some of these were how the songs would just randomly begin and could make a certain scene loose its significance and meaning, the plot itself seemed to be a bit predictable and disappointing until a plot-twist occurred. The ending of the movie I found confusing and a cliché. Although there were a few negative aspects present in the movie I still believe it was a successful movie and quite enjoyable. “A Bran Nue Dae” had many key characters that made it more enticing and without them it would have been missing a great deal of charisma.

Each character brought a new set of personality to the film and made every bit more entertaining. The leading protagonist was Willie and I did like him but that was the director’s intension, except I found that his approach to situations quite irritating. The main antagonist of this movie was Father Benedictus and as expected his actions throughout the movie were seen as wrong. Throughout Willie’s journey more key characters appear such as Uncle Tadpole, Wolfgang and also Annie. Within the movie there is a love interest between Rosie and Willie and it does become complicated. In my opinion I believe that the actors and actresses all portray their characters wonderfully and are easy to relate to. The characters within “Bran Nue Dae” were a major part in what made the movie so successful and engaging.

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