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The radioactivity of an exploded bomb lingers for decades and even centuries, but it can never equal the radioactivity that my country has emitted in me-radio activity that does not destroy but builds, that does not emit harmful radioactive waves but positive vibes of patriotism, secularism and fraternity. Such is my motherland –India. However, it is an open secret that India is no longer a golden bird anymore. In recent times it has been rocked by several scams and scandals that have rocked it to its very core. Even our political system is in shambles. A very recent example of this is the international Olympic committee suspending the Indian Olympic association for electing tainted officials as office bearers. It is clearly evident that the need of the hour is good governance. As a vehicle is useless without fuel, similarly a country cannot be run in absence of good governance. Our country is weakened the most by corruption. It is imperative that we combat corruption by taking some concrete steps. We need to have a strong anti-corruption unit which is autonomous.

Not only bribe takers but also bribe givers should be in the gambit of such stringent laws. One of the most important responsibilities of the government is to maintain law and order yet our government is burdened with hundreds of unnecessary responsibilities that it neither has the time nor the resources to take care of vital functions. We need to make sure that there is proper decentralization of power so that the police does not become inactive and ineffective. In spite of the majority of the Indian population living in villages, the urban people are the ones who mould public opinion and affect foreign policies.

Indians do not judge their government if it is superpower or that it has military might, they instead determine it on the basis of civic facilities, infrastructure and political system.Today people curse the government for its obsolete systems and lethargic officials. But we can still achieve he glory that China and America has achieved. The only tool required for it is good governance. “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high where knowledge is free into ever-widening thought and action into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.”

This quote by Rabindranath Tagore emphasizes the need for good governance.

Slogan: our country will be corruption free, there will be total equality and justice, the only necessity is good governance. We need to be proactive and alert and lets arise, awake and stop not till our goal is reached.

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