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If I were to explain learning to an individual that has not taken this class, I would tell them that learning is all about how you process and understand information. I would also explain that learning is dependent upon specific patterns that you may use. My views on learning since taking this class have changed tremendously. I now know that you learn based upon your own personal characteristics, not how a teacher, teaches the subject. If I were to explain to someone what learning means, I would tell them that learning is the way you take in information, process it and effectively utilize it.

How I learn as a learner may differ from how another student may learn. In taking the Learning Connections Inventory Assessment my scores are as follows: Sequence 31, Precision 34, Technical Reasoning 18 and Confluence 19. In the sequence pattern I find myself often making sure things are organized and in order. With precision I ensure that everything that I touch is on point and precise with no mistakes. In using technical reasoning I try to avoid it because assembling and building my own projects tend to be a great challenge for me. Lastly, confluence is a difficult challenge for me because I have a fear of taking risks because at times they may put you in an upsetting situation.

The benefits of my learning patterns are my sequence and precision. In using these two learning patterns I have done really well in my studies. While using precision I make sure I read my assignments and text books in their entirety. I do not skim read and I take time to make sure I fully understand. This also compliments my sequence pattern. In which I use to follow steps of assignments and assure that I am organized. Having these two patterns as “use-first” patterns, have a great impact on me being an intentional learner. I am intentionally choosing to make sure my work is properly done.

The challenges in which I face with my learning patterns are technical reasoning and confluence. A beneficial way for me to have used FITing with my patterns would have been to forge and intensify. To ensure my success as a student in this class and as a future student I would need to increase my use and performance for confluence. As well as incorporating technical reasoning into my learning regimen. If I put myself in a predicament to use technical reasoning more often I will get stronger with that skill.

While taking the course EXP 105, I really enjoyed learning about myself. I found the LCI testing to be very useful. It helped me to discover who I am in the classroom as well as everyday life. I would not make any changes to the classroom learning course. My expectations for learning online were for it to be difficult and a task that needed to be conquered. I must say that in this class with everything I have learned my outlook has changed to a more positive turn. “It’s not how it looks but how you look at it”. That would be a quote I would use to describe how I see it now. My expectations were met in this class. I expected to be more informed about my learning skills and I am. I met different people; learned about their patterns and seen how they differed from mine as well as learned things about myself that I did not expect to. In conclusion, EXP 105 is a beneficial class for any student who is looking to be successful in their studies.

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