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1. How well has James managed his global team?
Before James’s trip, he had not been in touch with his team or their progress. However, upon his return, he instituted several team meetings, one on one meetings and skip level session to bring him closer to his team and to develop team closeness and trust. 2. Who is responsible for the HS Holding crisis?

I believe leadership is responsible for the HS Holding crisis. It is their responsibility to know what is going on and proactively be aware of potential issues. 3. What role did “Open Work” play in the case?

The role that open work played in this case was it created an environment built trust and team cohesion. Everyone felt that communication was more open with faster resolution and clarity of purpose. 4. What role did diversity play on this team?

Diversity played a great role on James’s team, which created both advantages as well as barriers to success. Diversity created new ideas and brought the level of team performance up. On the down side, diversity can create communication and cultural issues on a global team. 5. What should James do in the short and long term?

James has done several things right in the short term by establishing team norms, creating opportunities for the team to interact, and instituting a culture of openness. Relating to the long term, James should ensure the team has clear objectives and re-evaluate the team composition over time to ensure it can continue to meet the objectives.

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