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Review Questions
1.How are fire scenes different than regular crime scenes for investigators? Search warrants and gather evidence warrants are not required at a fire scene like regular crime scenes.

2.What is the blast effect?
It’s the outward rush of gases from the bombs site of orgin.

3.What are the two types of high explosives?
Dynamite and TNT.

4.What is a substrate control? Why is it done?
Its and uncontaminated substance its done to see if a flammable liquid is present.

5.How is the evidence from a fire scene collected? What should be avoided? The evidence is placed in air tight containers to prevent further evaporation. Plastic bags are avoided.

Critical Thinking Questions
1.What do you think would be the most challenging part of investigating a fire or explosion crime scene? Why? The most challenging part would be finding the orgin of the fire and figuring out how the fire started and then carefully preserving the evidence because its very delicate and the evidence can me messed up easily.

2.Do you think search warrants should be required for fire scenes? Why or why not? No I don’t think they should be required. Because of the fact that things evaporate quickly at fire scenes and the sooner the investigation begins the sooner the more chances you have of finding out what happened before all the evidence is gone.

3.Do you think more countries should adopt the practice of putting color coded chips in explosive materials? Why or why not? Yes I do. Because then you would know exactly where the bomb came from and if it was some freak accident and the bomb detonated then you would know who to blame and find out the problem with that countries bombs or if its used as and attack you know what country is the one that attacked it.

4.Why do you think crime scenes involving homemade bombs have increased? Because the materials to make homemade bombs are easy and available to get and they have information on just how to make bombs making it that much easier to create one just by following the steps.

5.Why do you think the procedures are different from normal crime scenes to those involving fire and explosions? What benefits or challenges are there because of these different procedures? There different because fire scenes and explosives are a lot more serious than other crime scenes and the evidence can deteriorate at a fire scene while that’s not really common at other crimes scenes not involving explosive material. Benfits are that you can start the investigation faster Challenges are that you don’t have much time due to the evaporation of some materials due to the fire or explosives.

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