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In my retreat its story is about someone who leaves the chaos of the modern world to be a lone and reflect on nature what he did is really inspiring for someone who has everything it’s not easy to give up all of it. And also it’s good that they use it to ease the pain silence the grief or forget the stress of life. He lived there as a simple man as a farmer and built three houses made from bamboo wood and nippa. Look how simple Rizal life there If i were him I don’t know if I can be simple as him. It’s not easy to do it during their time because first of all he is in his exile means he is far away from his family and there’s a lot of Spanish who is against him because of his works. In his work, my retreat he also offers it for his mother because it requests to revive his interest in writing poem.

Even if her mother know that Rizal works is the reason why Rizal is being exile that time she keep on supporting his son interest and for me it was very touching because her mother still supporting him whatever may happen to him as long as she know it make her son happy. It just an indication also that life can still be abundant and full of achievement. But he still remain contented about the thing he have while he is in his exile in Dapitan enjoying the nature in dapitan discovering new things like animals and plants and he also do some research and help those kids who need help. But especially he never forget god who always with him. That was one of the thing that I admire about Jose Rizal he never forget to thank god who crate us even if he had a hard time in his life because of the boastful Spanish who just think about their self. Those Spanish who want to own the Philippines.

And during his stay there he realize something that the things will still remain as what they were like in life wherever you go if you were a Pilipino you will remain Pilipino you will stay what god made you whether you like it or not. ”His choice to stay and die in his own solitude and decide to return to the world from which he once chose to retreat” is one of the best that anyone will do loving your country and giving your life for it. Not all Pilipino can do what Rizal do for our country even if he is the one who is suffering because of someone mistake is okay for him as long as he know that his fellow Pilipino is safe from the arms of heartless Spanish.

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