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Customer loyalty
Product diversification
Strategic location

Izzati izzah (I like the graph)
Necessities to vehicles
Quality of petrol and regular visit of consumer
Vehicles increase profit margin increase
Some turnover of profit
Managed ta good return if can diversify some product
Renting car wash

Chan Zarul
Well known as it has been establish for a long time (relate to customer royalty) Human does not like changes
Can get diesel as well as NGV
Venture into food industry
Having breakfast selling be it fast food or nasi lemak as for the morning rush Free coffee as waiting in turn to pump petrol
Have free wifi so the waiting customer would not be bored

SPetrol parent company is well managed with good marketing, logistics and distribution system. Strong brand as it has 40% market share, quite impressive for a foreign oil company competing with local company(Petronas) and other foreign companies. Stratergic location – located next to highway and densely populated area – three residential area, industrial area and air terminal 30km away. Opportunity

Small amount of capital injection would fix the SPetrol bank overdraft problem. Changes in management – manager and staff would fix the internal control problem and return the petrol station into making profit. There is little competition between petrol station since petrol price fixed by the APM, establish good customer service and comfortable facilities as a competitive advantage to fence off other two competitors and attract more customer.

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