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1. Introduction
The Online Registration System allows students, through Internet, to register, drop, or add courses within the registration period and the Advisor to do advising for the students by approving/rejecting requested courses by the student or recommending some others. 1.1. What is the Online Registration System (ORS)?

The System provides for students the option to register courses, without the advisor’s prior approval, offered by their colleges during the scheduled registration periods. The students can modify their course selection by adding and/or dropping courses. However, when the registration period is over, all previously registered courses by the students will be viewable in the system.

2.The ORS Features:
The students may or may not have prior experience using such system. Ideally, any student can identify him/herself to the system, to do the following: 1. Register, Add, or Drop course/courses during the registration period. 2. Pay registration fees Online through a secured web access.

View the following:
Timetable, and print it out.
Student Information
Degree Analysis
Financial records
Current Transactions.
Change the login password

3. Login information Policy:
The student should be in compliance with following:
The Login information (username and password) is the same as for the Evaluation and Moodle systems and it is integrated with them. i.e. if the password has been changed for any of these systems, the online password will be changed sub-sequentially and vice versa. If the student loses or forgets his/her password, he/she should do the following:

a- Pay 15 AED for reset password charges at the financial department. b- Come to the I.T. department with the receipt to request reset password. The System password should consist of eight (8) digits minimum.

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