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1.What qualities might Jim possess that would make him a successful project manager? Jim possess that would make him a successful project manager he would have a diverse set of skill like management, leadership, technical, conflict management, and customer relationship. Jim assistant director of information technology is so that they can give him knowledge for the current system that the company is using. Jim knows who is the key contact he needs to work closely with which can help him to be successful project manager.

2.How do you think Jim should respond to Ella’s implied pressure about the importance of the project to her? I think that Jim should convey the message so that the project is very important to him and that is why he keep her update the project progresses The force people to make rash decision that can unclearly as opposed to intelligent, opposed to intelligent.

3.What Strategies might Jim employ to deal with a vey busy team member such as Carmen Sanchez? The Strategies that Jim might try to employ is to put a busy team member such as Carmen Sanchez that can setup appointment during down times such as the beginning of the shift and also the end of the of the shift. So that she can get insight on the project.

1.If you were an employee at Petrie’s Electronics, would you want to work on this project? Why or why not? If the employee at Petrie’s Electronics would have to work handle on this project. The data that was aspect is very comparable to the completed in the data analysis that is why they should provide a great deal of knowledge.

2.What changes, if any, need to be made to the document?
I think that I would definitely approve the project out lined in the scope statement in Figure 4.1.The statement is the purpose of the project is and can be a benefit for the company. It’s going to be a good return on the investment if the project is working out.

3.Idenfity a preliminary set of tangibles and intangible costs you think would occur for this project and the system it describes. What intangible benefits do you anticipate for the system? The cost includes labor supplies and training. I say labor because it can be make in software. It’s not going to be easy to make a new program from nothing. The training of the employees will increase the cost. They would need to get paid for time they put into training.

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