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Academically, I have always been a very hardworking and determined person, hence the reason why receiving a master’s degree is my next step. I’ve been interested in many things throughout my entire life but a future career in either law or business has always been my goal. With regards to business, the reasoning behind my choice is because I particularly enjoy the way business so appropriately blends in with everyday issues. An MBA will help me apply business and management principles to a variety of real-world business situations. An MBA will shape me into an exceptional leader and valuable team member.

The particular area of business that I am interested in is international business. I want a business career that can be can be conducted on a global scale. I want to travel and not be confined to one area in the world. I want to become a global manager in the corporate workplace, an entrepreneur, and above all, a chief executive officer. As a chief executive officer with international business experience, I want to work and manage overseas companies. I would like to work in the United States and also do business with oversea companies. I want to work alongside other top executives, and help establish and choose a company’s policies and goals.

With regards to law, the relationship it has with business has always been of interest to me from an early age. My work and intern experience provided me with an interesting insight into the world of law. I’ve always been an extensive reader who pays much attention to detail and up until recently I’ve always taken pleasure in engaging in healthy respectful arguments. Although I completed only one semester of law school. I took five different courses and was only intrigued by subjects such as contracts and intellectual property.

Considering my application for a Master’s in Business Administration means so much to me. In May of 2013, I managed to something extraordinary, something no one in my family has managed to do before me, but something the following decades will be able to look up too. This is very important to me, I am proud of myself, but most importantly seeing my family and peers proud of me is more significant than anything. The look on my mother’s face as I tried on my cap gown for senior convocation was one of the highlights of my life. She started to cry and then I began to cry. Graduation wasn’t even here yet and she was already proud because I had made it this far. Hearing my nieces and nephews talk about attending college touches my heart because they now have someone to look up to. I received my bachelor’s degree in Political Science, with a minor in International Affairs. After I receive my MBA in International Business, I want a PHD, which will open up research, teaching and publishing opportunities.

Furthering my education is to show that not everyone from a less fortunate background is unable to become a scholar. No one in my family has ever attended college period. No one should be denied the opportunity to be educated or be denied their means of sustaining a living due to reasons they have no control over. Graduating High School was a great accomplishment, obtaining my bachelor’s degree was an even bigger accomplishment, receiving an MBA will top all of my previous accomplishments and help me achieve my future professional goals.

I believe I’m a very determined, hardworking and well-grounded woman, who is truly passionate about achieving her future goals. I’m pretty sure I’ll adapt to graduate school well and will hopefully make a positive contribution to the university.

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