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Since the beginning of Canada, Quebec has never got along with the Nation as there is constant permanent friction between the two. Whether it’s the annoying political Party Quebecois trying to continually separate from Canada or the fact Quebec has ridiculous language laws it has not been easy for the country and province to live in harmony or at least just together for that matter for the past couple centuries. In the next two decades from now nothing will likely make a difference either if anything just worst among them with the language barrier causing conflict, different cultural views making it hard to see eye to eye, and lastly none other than the warped Party Quebecois to put the final nail in the coffin to seal the deal. What is worse than having a conversation with someone one would not understand? Nothing and that is how Canada feels with Quebec as in Quebec there is only one language that matters and that is French.

Unlike any other provinces Quebec’s official language is French, whereas English is the official language of every other province except for the bilingual New Brunswick. What is even more terrible though is the fact the rest of Canada has to suffer with everything being written in French and English on the packaging of Canadian products throughout the country all because of whiny Quebec who feels the French language is important to acknowledge as Canada is a bilingual country. But the difference is in Quebec the French writing must be more prominent then the English with larger, more colourful, and better location, as for the rest of the Canada the French writing must be the same as the English writing. This being unfair as the rest of Canada is practically all English. Also for Quebec there are very strict language laws that only apply to Quebec that could lead to some pretty hefty looking fines if you speak English or have English on signs. Once again this applies only to Quebec and the rest of Canada has none of these outrageous language laws.

On top of the language differences that differentiates Quebec from Canada they also have many issues culturally that conflict Quebec from Canada. One instance is the fact Quebec tried to get rid of Sikh religious headgear “The Quebec referees began cracking down on turbans, patkas, and keskis – the religious headgear worn by Sikh men and boys – in the last year.”(Huffington Post) This completely goes against the Canadian way as it is a culturally mosaic country that is supposed to be accepting of all cultures but instead Quebec still refuses for turbans to be permitted. Another situation similar to this is Quebec altering the Quebec Charts of Freedom to put a ban on religious items in government buildings as it states the “Marois government wants to ban individuals from wearing any visible religious symbols in many public locations.”(CTV News) and “This would be done by modifying Quebec’s charter of human rights and freedoms to include what would be called ‘Quebec values’.”(CTV News) Lastly Quebec simply doesn’t even put an effort in making Canada a priority to them as they are self-absorbent caring strictly for the benefit of Quebec only.


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