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Part A (1). (Respondents are requested to answer the following questions with answers from strongly agree to strongly disagree on a Likert five-point scale)
1. Strongly Disagree
2. Disagree
3. Neither Agree or Disagree
4. Agree
5. Strongly Agree.


Strongly agree

uncertain/ not applicable

Strongly disagree

1. I get on time delivery by shopping online

2. Detail information is available while shopping online

3.I can buy the products anytime 24 hours a day while shopping online

4.It is easy to choose and make comparison with other products while shopping online.

5.The website design helps me in searching the products easily

6.While shopping online, I prefer to purchase from a website that provides safety and ease of navigation and order

7.The website layout helps me in searching and selecting the right product while shopping online

8.I believe that familiarity with the website before making actual purchase reduce the risk of shopping online

9.I prefer to buy from website that provides me with quality of information

10.Online shopping takes less time to purchase.

11.I feel safe and secure while shopping online

12.Online Shopping protects my security.

13.I like to shop online from a trustworthy website.

Part A (2).
Additional Comments (In below box you can put some additional comments that influence you while you shop online)

Part B. Respondents are requested to encircle the letter that best suits them in order to in order to complete required questions. 1. Gender
a) Male

b) Female

2. Age

a) 15-20 Years

b) 20-25 Years

c) 25-30 Years

d) 30-40 Years

e) Above 40 Years

3. Income in Dollars

a) Below 500

b) Between 500-800

c) 800-1000

d) 1000-1200

e) 1200-1500

f) Above 1500

4. Education

a) High School

b) Bachelors

c) Masters

d) PhD

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