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I am working along side the teacher in forest school when a child becomes breathless and distressed. Refs (must be three numbers)

Write about what you did and said. Relate it to the standards.

During a forest school session one of the pupils becomes breathless and distressed, we know she has asthma so I take her to a quiet spot in the forest and to a seat where she can sit down. The teacher goes to the classroom to get the childs own inhaler. Inhalers are kept in one of the reception classes in a large green box on top of a cupboard each inhaler and accessories are labelled with the childs name and class. Epi-pens (for EYFS children) are kept in a filing cabinet in the EYFS corridor with the green first aid box, whereas other medicines are kept in a locked cabinet in the first aid room. While the teacher has gone to the class the other teacher aid keeps the other children in the class distracted (as we are in forest schools the ratio of adults to children is higher than it would be in the classroom) she carries on with activities in the forest school, while I talk to the child calmly and reassure her and make light conversation to take her mind of the attack by talking to her about the animals you can find in the forest.

Sometimes distraction techniques are recommended when a child is having an asthma attack. If the casualty is not calm they could easily hyperventilate. Once the teacher returns she hands me the inhaler in its original box and informs me the child has not used her inhaler that day. I check the childs name against the inhaler as well as prescribed dose, expiry date and instructions printed on the label of the container. I keep the child sat upright which aids the casualty to breathe, they must be kept sat upright even if they become weak and need assistance to sit up and only allowed to lie down if they become unconscious. The child gives herself the medication she needs after attaching the spacer device she uses with her inhaler. It is part of the schools policy that all children self administer unless unconscious.

I just observed that the child did not have any difficulty taking her medication and observed the correct dosage was taken. The childs parent has filled in the appropriate forms for us to give the child the inhaler as no medicines can be administered without consent. The dose is repeated and the childs symptoms are soon relieved. After waiting for a few more minutes the child is able to join her classmates in light activities and I return to class so I can complete and sign the appropriate record which has to be completed every time a medicine is given to a child. I return the inhaler to the correct place.

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