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When talking about psychology, I actually did not have any understanding about it in the past. The first time that I had touched this topic was when a drama called ‘Every Move You Make’ being broadcasted in 2010. It was talking about a police use his psychological knowledge to make investigation. I was astonished by the wide use of psychology. Therefore, when I knew I had a chance to study psychology in university, I was very excited. The content taught in lectures is very interesting. I am surprised to find that there are so many theories behind, for instance, the idea of behaviorism and functionalism. After the first lesson, I realized that some biological process I have learnt before is also related to psychology. It covered a large range of study field. In order to know more about psychology, I also read the textbook recommended in this subject during leisure time. It provides more details and examples so that it will be easier to understand the theories.

Among the things that I have come across, I am more interested in ch.2 theories of personality, especially the behavioral theories suggested by B.F. Skinner. The theory states that environment will affect our behavior, which explains things happened in reality. During my secondary school life, I joined a business program that gave me a chance to talk with business experts in a lunch networking session. Each participant have different responses for this opportunity. Some of them only spoke to people if they approached them first, some people stuck close to the people they already knew, some people politely withdrew by eating quietly in a corner and some people asked questions actively. It is fascinating to see that people have different reactions in the same situation. Environment will affect our decision making and people will carry out different reactions based on their personalities.

During studying this chapter, it talked about twins. This topic arouse my curiosity about whether there is telepathy between twins or not. It is difficult to believe telepathy is existed. Yet, it is undeniably there are some cases that the twins can feel each other’s thinking.

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