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When I found out about research project, I thought to myself that I would like to base it around fashion. So, I have decided to choose fashion as my general topic for my research project. Our teacher gave us a lot of sheets that could help us decide on our topic. I had to list all my interests first and write down all the possible questions about things that I’m interested in. In short, brainstorming was used in this part.

I’ve always love fashion. Getting myself updated about the new trend makes me happy. “Dressing fashionably, yet comfortably” is my theme when it comes to dressing myself. Ever since I was a kid, I knew that I would get really into fashion as I get older. It seems like fashion is very important to teens nowadays. I think this will be a good topic for me because as a teenager in this generation, I can relate and learn new things from other young people out there by hearing their own opinions about fashion. I’m not considering fashion as my future career, but I’m considering it as my main interest. So I think, studying this topic will be very beneficial to me as I am very determined to absorb some knowledge about this subject. Culture and Music were the other main ideas I considered. I feel like it would involve me in taking a lot of commitment if I chose one of those ideas.

It has practical relevance to me personally, but I don’t think it would be a good topic to research. Also I wanted to have a new issue to discuss because there are some people who are doing Music or Culture related topic. After deciding on the topic of fashion, I narrowed it down to what concerned me most, mainly about fashion on teens or teens on fashion. My final research question is “How Important is Fashion to Teenagers?” I will be focusing my topic from 13 to 19 year old teenage females. To begin my research process, I plan to find some secondary sources, either on the internet or books from different libraries. Also I will be using some fashion magazines or articles as other secondary sources. These sources will help me to get a better understanding about people’s opinion on how important the fashion is to their lives. After getting some good knowledge, I plan to interview some teenagers. My friends in the Philippines and people I know can help me achieve this project by seeking their perspective about the topic.

As I get further and further into my researching stages a few minor problems may be raised. I am actually expecting a lot of difficulties while doing this project. One of them is interviewing a few people. Some people might not be bothered answering some of my questions. I will also be interviewing people in the Philippines through Facebook, so it won’t be easy for me to communicate to them because they have poor connection. However, I’m still willing to work my way around these areas and get the maximum information I can acquire. I don’t think I’m going to have any safety issues involved in the kind of research I am doing. I also don’t think I will have confidentiality issues as the questions I will be asking is not specifically personal. But I still have to let them know that I’m doing it for my research project. I also have to ask their permission if I can use their real names on my project. If it’s not ok for them, then I will work something out.

Paraphrasing and quoting are my ways to avoid plagiarism. And of course to keep myself away from plagiarizing I have to put where did I get the information from and indicate the website, if it’s from internet, or write down the title and author, if it’s from a book. So, it’s like doing a bibliography in a whole page. Personal and social capability will be developed in this project. Through this capability, I will develop my confidence more as I will be interviewing a few new people. This is also a topic of personal interest to me. It’s all about me being open to different perspectives and respecting each of them. This capability will also improve my skills in planning and managing time because I will be meeting deadline for each task.

Videos are the currency of a new generation. So I plan to do a short documentary kind of video for my project outcome. The video will contain interviews done by me. I think making a video will fit my topic best because it’s all about getting information and hearing different point of view from teens. Also I want my project to be a little bit more interesting. The outcome is intended for young people who wants to know the opinion of others about fashion. It will help the youth to decide whether to go on with the ever-changing trends of fashion or not, especially that it involves financial issue.

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