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Indeed, automation process or electronic-based operations have invaded every work place. It is being employed into operational activities to be able to simplify all related activities and operations. Every business owner wants to know which product sells the most, which customer(s) or client(s) buys frequently, how much inventory is on hand, and what method is preferred by customer when paying and how much did they actually sell on a particular day. The sales and Inventory system is software that manages incoming and outgoing stocks, sales, quotations and inventory report etc. The system features point of sales, tracking of employees’ payables and other company’s features. The purpose of having Sales and Inventory System is to process the tracking inventory products as well as the sales transactions. This support updating information for all items, monitoring inventory depletion and importing and exporting inventory information to form and from external system of records.

It does almost every work which is related to an automatic sales and inventory via sales transactions and it is automatically directly to an inventory products. It generates reports in a particular given situation. The Sales and Inventory System is developed as per seeing the increasing requirement to speed up the work and incorporate a new work culture. Thus new software has been proposed to reduce manual work, improving work efficiency, saving time and to provide greater flexibility and user-friendliness as the system previously followed was totally manual one with lots of error The Dwinar Computer Center is reseller and distributer of IT products and parts of the computer which is located at PoncianoStreet Davao City. They sell also machine slot and they deliver it for free. The existing mode of business in the company is not efficient. The prices of the products are written only in their sales columnar book and they simply compute the total same as on how they manipulate the products in their inventory. II. PROJECT GOALS

The goal of this project is to make a software system that can help the company to solve their problems. Solving the problem that is involves in their daily transactions. The software will take care of all the customers in a quick time and this will lead to cater more customers that may help the business increase their profit. The users will consume less amount of time when compared to manual paper work through the automated system. The system will take care of all the sales activities done by a business. Data storing is easier. Paper work will be reduced and the user spends more time on monitoring the progress. The system is user friendly and easy to use. All the important data’s will be stored in the database and it avoids any miscalculation. III. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

• Complexity of generating sales report
When the customer purchases an item, the staff will make receipt for the customer and saves the copy for the store. Upon recording the sales of the items, the staff will monitor to the saved receipts, and then the staff will again manually list down the sold items based on receipts on the logbook. The store has a monthly schedule and when the owner wants a sales report, the staff will scan all the receipts individually and record it on the record book all the sold out items and manually compute the total sales of the company. The staff finalizes it by encoding it on MS Excel and prints it to have a sales report. It is difficult when tracking sales. The staff will view all the receipts of the sold out items one by one and then manually compute the sales and list it on log book for it serves as the company’s sales report.

Because of the bundled receipts, it is hard to the staff to manually list all the items since it many to list down and compute to have sales report and it takes longer to generate it. The staff will also keep track the exact count of which items have been sold through the receipts. The DwinarComputer Center has been reported to have mismatched count from items sold from the receipts to the total sales of products list on the columnarnotebook. When the DwinarComputer Center wants to generate sales report, they found out that the sold items from the receipts and the sales listed from the columnar were not similar. In that case, they have to recheck the columnar and the sales receipts to verify the transactions within the customer which cost a lot of time. • Improper monitoring of inventory.

When items are sold, inventory of stock must also be updated. The staff updates the inventory of stocks weekly. Using the manual system, the staff lists the remaining products on the columnar by counting the remaining unsold products. If the manager wants to have the inventory report, the staff scans the logbook inventory and type in the MS Excel then print. The staff finds it difficult and time consuming to monitor the inventory and stocks of the products by manually counting the remaining stocks and manually compute the difference the remaining stocks from last week to current.

This may also lead to mismatch of data from inventory to the sales of the company which makes the staff checks the inventory and sales record over again. It requires continuous monitoring to ensure that each transaction is accounted for and that products are maintained at the appropriate stocking levels. It is also more difficult to share inventory information throughout the business, because the lack of computerization makes accessing inventory records a more cumbersome process. The time spent monitoring inventory levels could be used on more productive activities for the business. There was a time that the staffs checked the products in their inventory that based on their columnar notebook, it was hard for them to check the product individually because the items were not categorized. • Inefficient Transaction

When a customer wants to purchase an item, the staff will write the name of the product, the quantity and the price on the receipt. In case the staff forgot the price, the staff will scan on the logbook where all products and their price were listed in by date when the products added to the company. Then the staff will write down the information of the product customer wants to purchase like name of the product, serial number, brand, model and price. Then the staff calculates the total amount of the products listed on the receipt using the calculator This method causes delays on every transaction if the staff forgets the price of the product which customer wants to purchase. This means, staff needs to memorize the prices of all products.

The staff also find difficulty in every transaction because the staff has to write all the information from its name to price in the receipt which makes it time consuming. Delay in transaction can make the customer feel distrustful. And this also causes inaccurate sales record since manual system is high risk of miscalculation like calculating the total fee of the customer and giving the wrong price of the product. The numbers on the receipts may also misinterpret. Based on what happened, there was a customer bought a product from them. The staff has to check first in their stocks inventory if the said products were still available. If the product is available then they will check for the pricelist for the price of the item. So the way they processed the transactions was not efficient. • Less Security of Data

The current receipts used by the company were kept on the drawer bundled and the columnar for sales records and inventory were kept on another drawer on the cashier’s table. The company doesn’t have time to buy more cabinets to store more data because the space is limited since the huge products like printers and piso net cages are occupying the room. With this manual way of keeping, it is prone to loss of data and there is a tendency that the unauthorized personnel can steal the data and it can be used by the other company against them. They have no back up reports and they cannot provide the files when the customer wants to saw the information. In a given situation, the customer wants to see the previous information about the problem of the products and the staff cannot provide ahead of time. The staff finds difficulty in retrieving the loss data because of not organized and some files were lost. IV. SYSTEM OBJECTIVES

Foremost, the objective of this study is to propose and create an automated system intended in helping the Dwinar Computer Center, making their transaction controlled, well-organized, and systematic. • Provide the system that is easily tracks the sales of the company. Through the organized inventory of the items, it it’s not any more complicated in tracking the sales for sold out items since it is already updated on time automatically. The system can easily manage the inventory and produce timely and accurate reports. • To be able to create a computerized inventory system.

The system maintains dates of all received items for proper rotation. It supervises proper ordering, receipt, storage, issuing, inventory and delivery of a large volume of varied supplies, materials and equipment to provide adequate quantities for the institution utilizing various resources. • Employ the point of sales system.

In the new system, new merchandise selections and vendor sources are reviewed at regularly. Approved vendors will have selected items with established terms, costs and retail sell prices placed in our automated system. • To be able to secure the data.

Secured data are place in secured paces using the password with encryption for more security and only the authorized person can access the system. V. SCOPE AND LIMITATION

The scope of a sales inventory system considers which needs the sales inventory system addresses. These include valuing the inventory, measuring the change in inventory and planning for future inventory levels. The value of the inventory at the end of each period provides a basis for financial reporting on the balance sheet. Measuring the change in inventory allows the company to determine the cost of inventory sold during the period. The inventory level and changes allow the company to plan for future inventory needs. This system is to provide user efficient working environment and more output can be generated through this. This system provides user friendly interface resulting in knowing each and every usability features of the system.

This system helps in tracking records so that past records can be verified through them and one can make decisions based on the past records. This system completes the work in a very less time resulting in less time consumption and high level of efficiency. This system is developed in such a way that even a naïve user can also operate the system easily. The calculations are made very quickly and the records are directly saved into databases and the databases can be maintained for a longer period of time. Each record can be retrieved and can be verified for the future transactions. The system can also generate e-mail when confirming the order of the client and also sending the list of products available to the client. LIMITATION

The limitations of our systems are: It has no barcode capabilities. The system cannot accept credit and debit cash transactions. Some keywords in system are difficult to understand so the admin and operator person should understand them thoroughly to use the system accurately Definition of Terms

This is a comprehensive list of all terms used in this document: • POS (Point of Sale) – An electronic terminal that handles all credit / cash transaction. • Inventory – The detailed list of items in stock.

• User – the one who can interact with the software.
• Database – An organized (structured) body of related information. • Transaction – The exchange of goods or services for legal tender. • Client –ABS-CBN, GMA, K-World Internet Café, Weng Lord’s internet café. • Sales – Manage the entire sales process from collecting information on a new customer or retrieving the account for and existing one; selecting the items, calculating the price, applying discounts, entering any additional information (financing, delivery directions, etc.); the tracked information generates the bill and a delivery order. • Billing – manage bills, invoices, and track payments; at any time, authorized user can get information about outstanding invoices, customer balances, retrieving/print invoices, statements. • Piso Net -is a customized computer system with a coin slot and a timer. VI. USER REQUIREMENTS DEFINITION

The purpose of the project is to develop a system which is user friendly, easy to use, maintain and satisfies all the requirements of the user.

1. The user wants to be updated with their files time to time.
2. The operation time should be small and the throughput should be high.
3. It should produce timely and accurately
4. The user wants to organize their data in time.
5. It must be the transactions and product inventory are infinite.
6. Backup their files.
Software quality attributes

 Maintainability- since it is directly to associated with the database, so there is very little maintainability problem with this tool  Portability- since there is very limited usage of separate forms, this tool is very much portable. This tool uses several canvases on the same form.  Flexibility-this tool is very much flexible for future enhancement. CHAPTER II – DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS

I. Description of the Existing System.
The existing system was a manual transaction in terms of sales same as their inventories. Their sales transactions are separated from their inventory. They were lots of complexities. If they will update products to their inventory it is not time to time, because check first to their sales transactions. Updating of their products was very tedious job. In their daily transactions, they were chances of error processing occur. The basic and major drawbacks in the manual transactions were the speed of retrieval of data from files, which leads to delay. Every time the stocks are order, it is not organize. Yet, it is a kind of process, which is slow data processing. If they will compare their inventory and deduction of sales, it has a very big difference because processing occurs of mismatching of the products. Difficult to keep old records and not properly monitored. II. Data Flow Diagram

Context Flow Diagram
Data Flow Diagram
III. Results of the Company Interview
June 22, 2014 we asked permission to the Dwinar Computer Center to conduct an interview as a part of the requirements of the course. When we get inside the company, the staffs are so polite and they asked question from us. We politely introduce ourselves as a response. The accounting staff is the one who entertained us. Before we start, we asked a permission to have a recording as our backup. We have prepared some questions to the company as a part of our data gathering.

During the conversation, we humbly asked some information from them as we used that information as our guide to produce a computer based system that would help them to improve productivity in their daily operations. Our group asked about the history of the company, their mission and vision, their products and services. The information we gathered from them will serve as our company profile that will be used as our guide of which will be the recipient of the aforementioned manual transactions. We asked them on how they managed their product without storing an item and there is no security. IV. Result of the Survey.

The main system problem of our company that we choose is unorganized of their data which is manipulating the sales and product and the calculation of the item. Transaction process must be done through computing the sales in their columnar book. In theirmanual process, they separated the transaction and monitoring the products. They are using columnar book for sales and stocks for inventory. If there is new product to be input, they have to write only the products itself. There are holding the sales and inventory for products; the manager, cashiers and other company staff. They have no reports to retrieve. Their documents were kept in the cabinet and if in cases there is no security, then it will be easy to lose their data.

The major advantage in using our proposed software system is to merge the transaction process and inventory system. It helps the company to access easily and they can monitor the quantity of their sales. The users will become satisfied in using our system because it is user friendly and the transaction flow is detailed in a way that the transaction process and inventory system was being merged. The proposed system has an auto email so that the transaction being made can automatically send through email. The consumer will be satisfied in doing their transactions in our system because all of their transactions are automatically send through email. If the consumers might need sales invoice to their previous transaction the company can provide the said request. V. DOCUMENT ANALYSIS

Figure 1
P.O (Purchase Order) – is a commercial document and first official offer issued by a buyer to a seller. Their P.O is also served as their temporary O.R (official Receipt), and it can cause a mismatch of data because we do not know that, that P.O is derived from their supplier or from the customer. Figure 2

SalesColumnar Notebook
All the Transactions are written in their Sales Columnar Notebook. Every time the customer purchased an items they listed it on their columnar and as you have observed in figure 2, they don’t provide a proper organization of their sales. And it can cause of mismatched of data. Figure 3

StocksColumnar Notebook
All the products are listed on their Sales Columnar Notebook. As you can see in Figure 3, the items are not categorized well and it is time consuming to look for the availability of the items that the customer purchased.

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