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Nowadays violence can happen anywhere, anytime, and to anybody. In fact, it is overwhelmingly likely that some of you will become the targets of violence in the future. The purpose I am here is to help you prepare for it. Today, I’ll show you three strategies of self-defense that can help you protect yourself and escape from dangerous situations.

The first strategy of self-defense is avoiding dangerous people and dangerous places. The primary goal of self-defense is to avoid becoming the victim of violence. The best way to do this is not to be where violence is likely to occur. For example, if you visit dangerous neighborhoods at night frequent places where drunken men gather, you are running some obvious risks. I know avoiding dangerous people and dangerous places is now always possible, but keep in mind that it is your first and best line of defense.

The second strategy of self-defense is to be aware of situation. When you are on the street, be observant of your surroundings and if possible, avoid potentially dangerous situations. When practical, run. It is a great defense. For example, be aware of dangerous if you are alone on a quiet street at night. Then, after observing you surroundings, if you discover someone watching your steps or quietly following you, run immediately out of this dangerous place. Don’t wait until they come closer to you and have a chance to attack you as in the case of my friend that I mention above. Some of you would say “if doing so, people would laugh at me.” you concern is absolutely right, but remember, your pride will heal faster than your body, and you live is more important than you live, in this case.

The last strategy of self-defense is quickly respond and escape. In any case, if violence is unavoidable, you should face it and respond to it immediately. Remember, your goal is to get away with minimum trauma (to you), while harming your attacker in any way that seems necessary to ensure your escape. For example, if an attacker grabs your right wrist and pull, you should immediately and quickly slide lightly to the right and toward him, while lower your body to maintain your balance. Next, turn you palm down, bend you lower arm inward and bring your elbow over your attacker’s lower arm. Then, your right wrist is released. At the same time you can hit the attacker’s nose by your left palm or punch him at his chest and stomp his feet, then escape. Keeping yourself safe should be the only your concern.

Street violence is a big problem in modern today society. Because violence happens everywhere, no one can be immune from it. However, if you apply three strategies I’ve just told you to your everyday life, you would likely reduce the risk of becoming the victim of violence and would likely escape from it without fighting. Three strategies of self-defense are, one: avoid dangerous people and dangerous places; two: be aware of situation; three: give up property

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