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Approaching lunch time in my work place, getting all service user ready for lunch. As I was aware Mrs y recently had been referred to speech and language therapist for assessment due to swallowing difficulties so I ask the nurse in charge for access to Mrs y, care plan to see what changes have been made to her dietary requirements, Mrs y care plan is in kept in a secure cupboard in the duty room as required by the data protection act 1998 and embrace privacy and dignity policy. Mrs y care plan is individual to her identified needs and abilities which ensures all care intervention is person centered to Mrs y. Also ensures that Mrs y has access to appropriate such as speech and language therapist. According to the equality act 2010, all people must not be discriminated against and treated as equals and have access to other appropriate services. In Mrs y care plan it says Mrs y is on a soft diet stage three with grade three fluids which means Mrs y has to have two scoops of Nulitis in any fluid given IE tea, juice all food must be pureed due to Mrs y diet. She uses a white lipped plate to prevent spillages, it also states Mrs y eats independently with supervision and prompting and can drink independently.

I was now clear on Mrs y needs and beliefs so I put care plan back in the secure locked cupboard. Mrs y ask for the toilet before lunch so I washed my hands and put on my ppe IE gloves and white apron in accordance to infection control policy, I encourage Mrs y to wash her hands after using the toilet I also wash mine. This maintaining her personal hygiene. I dispose of my gloves and apron in the yellow bin in accordance to infection control relation to clinical waste. Then I assisted Mrs Y to the dining room ensuring I follow the manual handling regulations 1992, accordance to Mrs y identified moving around needs within her care plan. We go to dining room were meal times are protected put on my blue apron, I then ask Mrs y were she would like to sit as this is providing choice and by providing choice and a comfortable environment to have lunch following the national care standards providing a comfortable environment. I also ask Mrs y if she would like a clear glass or a colored glass because a colored glass would disguise Mrs y special dietary needs from others and maintain her dignity whilst having lunch.

Mrs y asked if her drink could be less thick , but I felt that I wasn’t in the position to make that decision so I asked the nurse in charge who spoke to mrs y and explained in a low voice that it was a medical requirement for Mrs y to have her drink thickened as she is at a risk of choking. Mrs Y is given her meal I observe mrs y , she is eating her meal independently so I observe incase she has any difficulty, I notice Mrs Y was having difficulties with eating her pudding ,so I approach Mrs y and ask if she would like some assistance I make sure I kept my voice clear aand in alow volume.this helps maintain mrs y dignity and causes her no embarrassment to mrs y since I sensitively approached the subject of providing assistance with her dietary intake also reduces the chances of other service users negatively making comments , as mrs y has the right to be treated equally and in an environment that is free from harassment according to the national care standards equality and diversity.

Mrs y has started turning her face away whilst eating her pudding and kept putting her spoon down so I ask mrs y if she is finished she replies yes, by turning her head away from her food mrs y was using nonverbal communication, nonverbal communication is very important to observe because the person may not want to verbalize their feelings . as in general mrs y is a good eater I had no concerns in her not finishing her pudding but I inform the nurse in charge because then it could be communicated to other staff members to observe for regular patterns occurring .i took mrs y plate away and assist mrs y to take off her apron and use her napkin to clean her face . if mrs y dietary intake became poor then staff would have to put her on a 3 day food chart , then the nurse would review and consider mrs y MUST score over 3 to 6 months and contact dietsion if needed.

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