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The invention of technological devices in modern time has made the world smaller. Every country in the world can get the same information from television .people are arguing that television is having some advantages that are useful for people; however, I think the television is the worst invention of modern times. People around the world know the news from the television at the same time. We get the news about what happened in the world. Almost all people trust in the information that they know from the television; however, I think we shouldn’t believe in anything was published on television. They say whatever they want and we always listening to them and do not replay our feeling about what they say. Many people spend a lot of money on anything show on the television whatever they need it or not. Commercials create the illusion of image related to a product to let you buy.

I think you should buy what you truly need .that commercials let you think you need more than you truly do. A lot of people watch television every day, and they make their own timetable based on some program on television. We are spending more time with our family when no one talks to each other because they watch Al hyah moslslat on the television. Most of the youth get an hour or two less sleep just to watch television and still wake up all the night to Follow-up some program; however, I believe we should conserve the time because time is priceless. We should spend this time with our family or with friends. To sum up, television is the worst invention of the modern times because it is waste your time, told you information do not reliable, and finally let you buy useless consumerism.

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