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The reason why you should vote speaker 1 gave a good motivational speech. In my opinion her speech gave good reasons to get people to go out to vote. Being a victim of domestic violence, by voting for a change in the justice system for harsh punishment for domestic abusers, helped victims not to be afraid anymore. I thought her speech was very emotional because her speech was from a personal experience. By her voting as a victim of domestic abuse can help push some of us to get out there to go vote, because there were good results came to affect when it came down to voting for victims of domestic violence. Even though, by her being nervous while delivering her speech, her speech had good supporting information to persuade her audience to get out to vote. In my opinion the point of her speech was very direct on how voting can make a change in personal lives, criminal justice systems and much more. Sometimes voting is the best way to get everyone to agree on something together.

Giselle speech also was good because she spoke about the common excuses most people use not to go vote. Such as not voting because I know somebody else will. Therefore, I’m allowing somebody else to make decisions for me instead of me making a decision for myself. Which gave a good reason to push someone go out to vote. Everyone vote count. Her main points for going out to vote can motivate a lot of young people to have a different mind frame on voting, so they can go out to vote. She spoke about when she was younger that she didn’t really take voting serious and how it could’ve affected her in the long run, by thinking the way she did about voting. Most young people think the same, as she got older she realizes how it’s important to vote. Her speech was very well organized, and every main points had good supporting details. I liked the way she used her past memories how she felt about voting, because I’m guilty of the same memories. I use to say “what’s the point of voting, my vote doesn’t matter” it actually took me years to go out to vote.

Attending Why You Should Vote contest, actually gave me a different view on different way voting can change peoples’ lives. Not just benefiting my life, but other people too. Three of the speakers had caught my attention, with their opinions, and personal experience on how voting played a part in their lives. Some young people look at voting like a joke because they feel like its not going to change anything in their personal life. What they don’t realize it can affect them in the future or they don’t see an overall change. These speakers gave good examples, especially for young people to look at voting differently and hope they motivate them enough to go out and vote. If it didn’t it would’ve made me have a different view on voting, if I didn’t care about voting. I enjoy the speakers and the information they provided. Voting is very important in this country and everyone vote count.

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