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It is often claimed that our country is social-oriented. From an economic standpoint, governmental expenditures are considered to be one of the most cost-effective methods of pursuing a social policy. For this reason, in the past more than a half of our budget was allocated for social sphere. Even though, it is a great amount of money, it is still limited. Consequently, we should choose whether to help the poor or to develop sport. One of the main arguments for developing sport is that it makes nation healthier. Generally it results in retrenching expenses on medical care, improving demographic situation, standard of living and life expectancy. It is frequently emphasized that healthy way of life solves social problems. This is clearly illustrated by the fact that physical activities gather families. What is more, for many people it’s the only sphere to show their worth. It is often claimed, that everybody is equal in sport, which means that without spending money on sport, our society wouldn’t be able to make sport available for everyone and support persons with talents.

In addition, most people point out a psychological effect of sport achievements. For instance, the fact that the representative of the country wins the Olympic Games inspire ordinary people and make them proud of their land, not to mention that international victories make the image of the country more prestigious. However, sceptics claim this argument is misguided. By and large, the percentage of prominent sportsmen is low, besides, there is a tendency among our sportsmen to emigrate and represent another country on all kinds of international competitions, while a great amount of money has already been spent on his training.

As a result, very few people can glorify our country and we bear waste expenses. What is more, opponents of spending money on sport are convinced that primary needs should be satisfied first. In particular, the ones from third world countries which struggle to deliver water and nourishment to their citizens. Taking this into account, sport appears to be a luxury. In conclusion, the sport sponsorship is a high priority. Sport makes a significant contribution to our wellbeing, playing a role in the development of the economy, environment and society. Millions benefit directly, through active participation. For millions more, the benefits are less direct but no less important.

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