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In today’s modern globalization era, people nowadays tend to spent most of their leisure time pleasuring and indulging themselves in watching movies and films. Approximately 80 to 90 movies were produce simultaneously by the film-makers industry every month around the globe. There are outrageously tons of different kinds of movies we can name in the film industry today, mainly Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood and other ‘-woods’ we can possibly think of. In addition, cinematography or in a more specific manner of the term ‘movies’ had always been one of the most influential forms of modern entertainment. Although each person has different taste in watching the genre they personally like, I generally believed that those movies must be privileged by some kind of special effects, like the storyline, film star and the crew production behind the screen, as all of these played a major role in the succession of a movie. I will try making myself clear as one can be on my purposed idea.

Without a doubt, the first aspect of an attractive movie is an intriguing storyline or film-script. An excellent storyline is a principal prerequisite to a good movie. This goes hand in hand with character and plot development, that is, the protagonists and antagonists must move from one level to the next whilst maintaining a seamless flow from one transition to the next. Besides, the plot has to be engaging and leaving the audience of gasping more ‘chunk’ of it, but then again to build that element; it is ‘easier said than done’. In another word, an expert writer should write a plot in a way that the movie seems attractive and enjoyable for the audience. In my opinion, the scriptwriter must possess a perfect sight about the subject and roughly have some real experience or can relate the story with the audience in some way or another. The movie can be a good message oriented or the content should be inspirational that can be widely accepted and appreciated by audience so that it helps one to learn new dimensions of life.

For an instance, you can create a movie about saving humanity as the population of human race is declining rapidly, and there will be a hero/heroine that will save the day from this extinction. This will be probably sufficient in developing a solid plotline, but there isn’t enough ‘oomph’ or a unique touch-up that gives the story a bit different from all movies that had been premiere until now. Therefore, we can intensify the story a little with some velvety touch, by introducing a gigantic human man-eater called ‘Titans’ that suddenly appeared and nearly wiped out humanity, devouring them without a remorse or reason. See, what an enticing twist! Next, the second most important aspect in molding a good movie is the actors and actress, or in short the star of the films. For actors to do their best work, they must be willing to be totally open, to experiment and allow all that is inside to be exposed.

To accomplish this at the highest levels requires tremendous discipline. Actors work with their emotions, their experiences, traumas, feelings, and memories. Bodies and voices become finely tuned instruments that express and convey the character. Even the best story is worthless if the actors itself are incapable of portraying and acting out the characters and scenario given effectively. Thus as a result it’ll give away the unnatural and ‘gawky’ vibe, leaving the audience uncomfortable in their seats. A good movie must visualize its cast in reality and let the viewers be part of the movie as a silent visitor. However, only experienced star with real-born talents can give all these plusses. For an example, when going for watching movie, the first thing I would do is ask myself who’s the actors playing in this movie are. Because they are the people who could change a movie to a box–office-hit movie whit their professional act. Definitely, a good movie should give the real feeling to its audiences at home or to the movie-goers.

So obviously the actors who are expertise in their field ought to give an outstanding performance in their film. Last but not least, the crucial stepladders that are often ignored or taken lightly by some particular people are actually the crew production behind the screen and the technology used in producing the movie. Those factors have been tremendously contributes to the main factors and explain why certain movies are labeled as magnificent and superb. While the stories that keep the Hollywood money machine churning run in cycles, technology continues to evolve with every passing decade. A new revolution is stirring as 3D releases, DSLR cameras and free Internet distribution (YouTube, etc.) bring the digital age of filmmaking to Hollywood’s front door. Also, a great movie lies in the hands of its director. The director is the one who guides everyone in the movie in making the script comes to reality.

He is the one who envisions how the words would look like in real life. If the director himself lacks imagination, then the whole movie would be a complete bore. Take Gary Ross, The Hunger Games Director, he was able to make the fictional country of ‘Panem’ come alive on screen. There’s also the directors for the Harry Potter series who was able to make everyone dream of having their acceptance letter to Hogwarts. To conclude, there are plenty of factors that come together to make a high quality movie. I believe that every single one of them is important factors that contribute in making a good movie. Take one away, and the whole thing start to crumble down. In a nutshell, audience must draw their attention to know and analyze these factors to collect an excellent movie. To me, a good movie is a movie that you could recommend it to every one!

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