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Volunteerism is objective and has various ways to approach defining it. This means volunteerism be defined in different ways considering the way or mood in which it is done. One definition of volunteerism is that it is done not with respect to get material benefit but is based on the motivation of individuals to help others. Persons must offer their services to help others not with the intention of getting remuneration. Volunteerism requires strong moral and spiritual resources to sustain the volunteer over the inevitable crises and disappointed which is the daily bread of the volunteer in the field. This means that individuals’ motives towards helping others must be altruistic. In volunteering to render ones service, the beneficiary should not be persons whom the individual who is responsible for – e.g. Family members.

Volunteerism and Vision
Jamaica has many issues in which are contributors to the difficulty of developing the country. In a real society citizens join together with common goals work towards developing their country without seeking rewards. A society in which moral sentiments are weak or dying then this means that the foundation for volunteerism is also weak and dying. Crime, violence and corruption is on a rise in our society and if citizens join together with a positive intention to change and revive the society then things will be better for both the rich and poor. The development of our country lies not in the hands of the government but mostly within the hands of the citizens. Citizens often sit and aware of the problems that lies within the society and do nothing about it. Citizens need to develop a concept, a clear vision of what would make the country better. Then try to convince others in the society to work towards making the vision a reality thus making the society a more developed and better place.

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