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Language is what makes human different compare to other living beings in the world and it is a tool that we use to communicate with one another. Nowadays, in a changing world, people become more competitive and ambitious so acquiring language as many as we can is also part of our goals. Unfortunately, I couldn’t realize why learning foreign language is important and its value until my senior year of school. For me, it took almost 9 years but I am not satisfied the result and my ability. So I believe that there are many people who are the same with me. As I know there are some reason why it takes so long and not a good result after all. Firstly, some students are interested in learning language because they just do not want to or they think learning language is what they can not do. For this reason, they just give up without any effort. Second, curriculum and teaching method influence students. In my opinion, most of the teachers prefer to teach grammar over and over again. It makes students feel bored so they lose their motivation to learn.

I think that teacher shouldn’t only teach, but also they need to encourage and motivate them to find their own method. IAs I mentioned, I have been learning English for almost 9 years. In my experience, the most of the time that I spent for learning English wasn’t effective. It was all the same and I didn’t see any result so I decided to move to a new school which offers good English program when I was in 7th grade. Moving to a new school was one of the best decisions I have ever made. After that I challenged myself to improve 4 main skills, not only certain 1 or 2 skills. For example: reading and memorizing lots of text in class was great help to improve my vocabulary and pronunciation. During the academic year, I learned 1000 new words, 10 long and 10 short stories.

Even though my skills were improving, I still had some problems which were listening and speaking. Then I started focusing on and aiming to improve them and that was the challenge what made me think practice makes us perfect. In conclusion, learning foreign language is always challenging. In order to acquire foreign language we should be curios, productive and determined. If we don’t push ourselves, no one will do it for us. Learning is not only about learning, but it also about how to use our lives so using it in our everyday life and overcome our limitation are the best way to tackle difficult tasks and acquire language.

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