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10 Questions to Ask When Taking a Digital Photo Essay Sample

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10 Questions to Ask When Taking a Digital Photo Essay Sample

Telling story with photographs: It is really important to know the story behind a picture. A photograph has the ability to convey emotions, mood, story, ideas and messages. These are the elements that make a story of the image. The purpose of the shot should be clear. Visual focal point of shot: Bring out the idea of the image through visual elements in your composition. It’s really important to create a visual focal point to isolate your subject. Effective composition can be pleasant or disturbing and it depends on your intension. The viewer’s eye should be drawn to the image naturally.

Competing focal points: Scan your eyes over the shot and find all the competing focal points and then ask yourself whether you should insert or remove them from the image. If you want the viewer to focus on one focal point then you can adjust the other focal points but be aware of bright or contrasting colors which can draw the viewer’s eyes away from the focal point. We can enhance the focal points in an image by adjusting position, size, shape and color.

Background and foreground: Background of the image is the most important fact to distract. Although subject of the image should be fixed/focused but just look around to see what is going on around the subject (back ground) then think whether you want the background in focus or blurry. It is good practice to make the background and foreground work together; you can always rearrange the subject with the background or the background with the subject to get your best picture.

Fill your frame: Depending on the feature, distance between the photographer and the subject completely changes the image. To get better effects, you can move closer, can move your subject closer or can use a longer focal length to give the effect of closeness.

Source of light: Lighting is the key to creating images that stands out. Proper use of lighting can enhance your photo. Without light you’ll lose detail and clarity in the image. Knowing about the different qualities of the light can help to organize the photograph. Too little light will make your photo too dark and too much light will over expose and distort the picture.

Framing straight: Sometimes good photos are spoiled by framing that is slightly offline. The picture and frame should complement each other. Other perspectives: One of the most effective ways to make your digital images more interesting to the eye is to change the angle that you are shooting from. Make your image stand out from the crowd by challenging yourself to not only take the standard shots that everyone else will get but to find creative and fresh angles and perspectives to shoot them.

Holding the camera: One of the common problems that many new photographers have is “camera shake’ where images seem blurry – usually because the camera was not held still enough while the shutter was depressed. The simple way to enhance the stability of the camera is to hold it with two hands. Gripping a camera in this way will allow flexibility. Travelling through image: A question you can ask yourself is how do your eyes move through the picture? Are the surrounding objects and lines used to highlight or lead to the subject? This ability can complement the subject or add a visual effect to the photo.


Of the top 10 points the most basic and important in my opinion are the visual focal point of the shot, source light and framing straight. A few months ago, I went to New York. It was my first trip outside of Canada. First of all, New York Downtown is awesome! I got a chance to practice and improve my photography as I took so many pictures. My pictures really improved with the 3 techniques mentioned previously and with time I will slowly build on the remaining techniques mentioned above. Following are the pictures I took in New York.

Photography can be so much fun! All you need is genuine interest, a subject and a digital camera and you will become a unique artist in no time. Which techniques do you find most useful? Are there any techniques that have not been mentioned, if not, what else do you recommend for better quality photographs?

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