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A prostitute is not just a slag, or a slut. Some of you may have forgotten that prostitutes are also human beings. That means that they have feelings and emotions just like you. So if you called them a slut, they might care. You could call them common, and dirty but I believe it is stereotypical to label them as that, but I’ll get to that part later.

I’m also aware that a prostitute is not considered as a respectable job. But let’s face it, what is respectable? A doctor, perhaps? “Someone who cares for the needs of others.” But doesn’t a prostitute do exactly the same thing? Also, a prostitute may have to do her business behind closed doors. But so does a politician, and doesn’t a scientist have to carry out his experiments behind closed doors? Yes, they do. They don’t exactly do their business in the middle of the street either.

True, love should be shared between those who are deeply in love. And yes, the prostitute could be a drug addict. But who’s to say that the A-list celebrity doesn’t do exactly the same thing? Two words; Angus Deayton.

Sex is dangerous and carries Sexually transmitted diseases and could result in pregnancy, but some may see this prostitute as willing to reproduce if necessary? No one is forcing anyone to have sex with her. Basically, if it ends in pregnancy its not just her fault, after all it does take 2 to tango. It’s also unjust to brand her as dumb; she is a prostitute I’m sure she carries around a large batch of condoms. At least, the woman is trying to protect others and herself. The condoms could also be blown up and used as extra support for the hot air balloon. And could be blown up or stretched over someone’s head for pure entertainment. People do do it!

High-class prostitutes do exist in the world. They aren’t necessarily common and dirty. In truth, they’re not all like Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman. They are able to exclusively select the people they sleep with. And yes, believe it or not, some prostitutes choose to sleep with random men for cash. So let’s not forget, she may be willing to relieve any sexual tension and sleep with men, even some women. It’s all a stereotype that so-called ‘hoes’ have been pigeonholed into.

On the other hand, maybe this prostitute has no choice but to be a hooker. For example…maybe her husband forced her into it and physically abuses her to do so. Should she really be shoved out of this balloon to her death for something she cannot be blamed for?

A few claim that prostitution is shady, but at the end of the day she is simply earning a living for herself. A recent example is the woman who charged men up to £2,000 for her body to pay for her son’s school tuition fees. For some women, it is a way in which they can support their family and themselves. I don’t think they should be accused of being tasteless or crude if they are willing to do this.

Prostitutes are criminals but I say if you don’t get caught, does it really matter? Everyday, people break the law by driving even a single mile over the speed limit. But they don’t get caught so it doesn’t matter and its not considered immoral. Shouldn’t the prostitute be treated in the same way?

All in all, what I’m attempting to put across is the fact that it is irrational to point the finger at this prostitute, when none of the accusations can be proved right. The scientist could support animal testing, and the politician could be a liar. And if the priest were shoved out, God would probably save him anyway. So I challenge you to come up with a single valid point in which why this prostitute should be pushed out the balloon.

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