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Humility Case Sudy Essay Sample

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Humility Case Sudy Essay Sample

Humility is a word that can be hard to understand. It is the humbling of oneself. It is the ability to recognize that there are people above you, higher than you. Humility is the ability to accept an award and not brag in everyone’s face. Humility is a trait that not many have, but those who possess it have a good attribute to them. I am one of those that don’t have that trait. I don’t act with humility; I try as much as possible to think highly of myself. I don’t necessarily think that this is I a bad thing. According to Google the definition of humility is, “modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness.” I think that this definition of the word humility is pretty accurate. I think that when a person acts with humility they have the ability to critique themselves, they are able to accept the fact that they are not always right. Most of the time, I don’t act with humility.

An example, whenever I win something, it could be a simple thing like an argument or arm wrestle, I get really exited and tend to rub it in peoples faces. I am a very loud and passionate person so when I win something I get very loud and passionate. A person that acts with humility would properly win and say something like, “you will win next time.” Me on the other hand would be like, “nice try,” (smirk). I think that this value is important because you have to be able to revise and change the way you act, and the things that you do in your life. I believe that there is always room for improvement, and someone that doesn’t act with humility is not willing to except different opinions, they are not willing to accept that something that they have done could actually be wrong.

People that act with humility are generally easier to get along with. They accept others opinions and are able to accept the mistakes that they make. They are also open to new things. When creating a law if someone acts with humility they are able to look past their personal views and think of views of the people as a general whole. Also you would be able to easily receive feedback on others and how to more shape your law to the public. Humility is defiantly a positive trait. It is a trait that I’m trying to gain.

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