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28 days later Essay Sample

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28 days later Essay Sample

Mind bobbling, heart throbbing and bloodcurdling. These words come only halfway to describe the journey that you will experience while watching this extraordinary movie. Those sleepless nights that petrified you when you were a kid are nothing compared to this mind blowing once in a life time zombie movie. Well, this spectacular thriller will recreate more daunting feelings and have you sitting on the edge of your seat! As the movie begins we acknowledge that there is a conflict between the activists and the scientist, while innocent chimps are being locked up in a giant cage.

It provokes the audience to feel extreme anger as they witness such cruelty towards naive creatures. While fighting for their lives, they are screaming and screeching helplessly crying for their mothers shoulder. Ironically, these chimps weren’t what they seemed as, seconds later we find the entire country deserted after the infectious attacks on the activists and scientists….. ’28 days later’. A silence black screen shows up. Immediately, we are engrossed in this fantastic movie.

This contrasts from the first image to the previous silent blank screen, which keeps the suspension to captivate the audiences mind. As Jim wakes up finding himself in a ruined hospital bed room, luminous sun light enters the room into his eyes. Ironically, this implies the natural light being tranquil and peaceful as if there is no more risk of danger. The genius mind behind this film has done it once again. He has created a generic hybrid combining science fiction and horror into one breath taking film.

Danny Boyle released ’28 days later’ in 2002 shocking all horror fans. The movie was loved by everyone for those instantaneous attacks and the high angled shots of London which petrifies us as we see the isolation of London for the first time. Shots of empty dismal London Bridge, the millennium wheel abandoned shops; an eerie building gives us an overwhelming sense of desertion. Boyles cleaver use of Diegetic and non diegetic sound to grab hold of the audience’s attention during the film opening. Pragmatism and tension is enhanced by these techniques.

The camera constantly pans around the lab where there are ear-splitting noises of chimps that are banging on the doors. Such sounds depict cruelty and evoke sympathy towards the animals. The effect of the non diegetic music is powerful An example, of this is when military style music begins which indicates the start of the action, as the sound makes the activists intentions clear to us. These extraordinary sounds of musical choices emphasize the use imaginary outstandingly. The different varieties of shots during the opening part of the movie fabricate tension.

Out of the darkness we see an extreme close up of an eye showing us the film from Jim’s point of view, we think ‘where are we now? ‘ And then a long distance shot of his whole body. This makes us wonder who is this anomalous person and what is he doing in this surroundings (hospital). In addition, long distance shots are being made quite frequently as Jim wanders around the abandoned London. As we see a bird eye view of London it is empty and quiet. Jim’s voice echoes when he pleads for communication. This gives us a clearer description of the London and to emphasize the fact that there are no more humans present.

Finally, again using an exclusively different element Boyle shows us important signs. The alarming and heart provoking noise of the car suggests that some thing is behind all this but, does Jim know who or what it is? These questions lead the film to be more realistic and captivating as it grabs our attention. The daunting feeling that overwhelms us as the phones in the hospital are hanging out and is uninhabited suggests the rush between the people as they hand no time to put the phone back into the box. Who would ever leave money lying in the floor?

This unusual sinister atmosphere also suggests that people were very busy and in hurry as they rushed out of the country. The loud music in the background gives the feeling that Jim’s confused with in him self. The music illustrates his emotion feelings as it symbolises his internal mind. 28 days later has traumatized horror fans. This is definitely a horror movie that will never be forgotten. So, watching it over and over again would make no difference first or last it would always be sensational and top-class.

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