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First of all let’s talk about the result of different survey that we took throughout the quarter. I am a right brained person; my ratings for top three intelligences were 4 out of 5 for self, 3.71 out of 5 for social, and 3.43 out of 5 for nature; my positivity ration was 1.0; I am an extrovert and very forgiving, neither calm nor nervous, neither organized or disorganized, I typically don’t seek out new experiences (which I don’t agree with), I tend to consider the feelings of others. I am quite sure most of you have noticed that towards the end of each of these surveys, it said that the results are not 100% accurate and I agree. There were few surveys that produced some accurate results while there were some results that made me think twice. Few things that I will keep in mind and work towards are try to brainstorm more with numbers. Although I am an Accountant, I tend to run away from formulas. Another thing that left an impact on me was the positivity ration. I had a 1.0 score. I believe it’s about time that I try to be more outgoing; by outgoing I mean, I will make more attempt to interact with my friends and family. I will pick up the phone and talk to them rather than texting.

Now something about me, as I have mentioned previously in my discussion posts, I am from Nepal. Coming to the United States was such a dream come true. Nepal is a third world country and the culture is a little conservative in my country. In Nepal, girls are married at an early age. I was lucky to be born in a family who showered me with love and abundance of trust. My dad could not complete his Bachelors study because of financial crisis. I still remember, when I was a kid my dad always told me his story and how he wished he had a bachelors degree. He wanted me to pursue his dreams. Hence, I decided to come to the United States. My dad invested all his savings on my study, so I owe it all to my father. I did my undergrad in Accounting from UNO. I was a valedictorian of UNO College of Business. This is something that I look upon with a lot of pride. I was the second Nepali student in Omaha who was valedictorian of any universities here in Omaha. Currently, I am working at Gunderson Accounting, P.C. I work there as a Tax Accountant. I have been at Gunderson Accounting for two years now.

5-Year Strategic Plan Professional
My professional goal is to acquire a Project Management job in one of these companies: Kewit Construction, Union Pacific, or ConAgra. My strategic plans to acquire this goal are: Build a stronger resume by acquiring an MBA with concentration in Project Management Maintain and develop my connection so that I can have a strong referral Acquire project management training and possible certification

I have not been to my country in six years. So I want to go visit my family and I have been planning to do a free health campaign for the underprivileged people of Kathmandu, Nepal. My strategic plans to achieve these goals are: Continue saving for my trip to Nepal

Complete my MBA with a year and half so that I do not have to take a quarter break and I can manage time off from work to visit my country I will be in talk with my friends in Nepal who are in medical field so that they can help me with the health campaign Do a fundraising program in Omaha before I leave for Nepal, so that I will have enough fund to successfully conduct the free health campaign

Currently, I have a lot of credit card debt, a car loan, and I have been living in an apartment for over 6 years now. Five years from today I aim at paying off my credit cards debt and car loan. I want to purchase a house and have a strong saving account. My strategic plans to achieve these financial goals are: To pay off my credit card and the car loan I need to strongly cut back on my spending. I have a serious problem of online shopping, so I am planning to use a website to help me control my urge of spending. The website is called mint.com Continue making the minimum payments on time so that I can improve my credit score. By doing so I will be able to finance a home and get mortgage loan at a reasonable rate

My only educational goal at this time is to get my MBA degree by summer 2016. Continue taking full-time classes each quarter. So far I have taken four classes. If I continue taking full-time class and part-time summer class, I will be in good shape to graduate next June. Maintain a minimum of B in all my classes, so I won’t have to repeat the classes Take out adequate time to prepare for exams and assignments

I learnt a lot from taking this class. I would like to thank each one of you. Thank you for sharing your work experiences and your personal life experiences. Usually in an online class environment we barely make connection with any classmates, but via the group projects and discussion board interaction I came to know a lot of you. I wish you all good-luck with your future endeavors.

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