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Patients stated reason for coming:
Lucy Whitmore is coming to therapy sessions with me because she is suffering from a severe condition called anterograde amnesia or also known in the movie as Goldfield Syndrome. She was involved in a traumatic car accident and, since then, cannot retain any new information. She can only remember her life up until the accident, and when she wakes up every day, she thinks that it is October 13th, 2002, the day of the car accident.

Medical History:
Doctor Keats has diagnosed Lucy with Goldfield Syndrome. Her frontal lobe was damaged which causes her to longer be able to form new memories day to day.
Psychosocial History:
Lucy Whitmore has an optimistic, caring, and cheerful personality. She lives with her father and brother, and is close friends with the workers at the local cafe. Before her accident, she worked as an art teacher. She began to date Henry Roth, a marine biologist at the local aquarium. Although their relationship has their ups and downs, they still find a way to make it work. The two married and had a daughter. Lucy watches a movie that Henry makes for her to inform her about her life and what to expect.

Drug and Alcohol History:
Lucy has not had any problems with drug or alcohol abuse.

Behavioral Observations:
Lucy seems to be calm and tranquil when her father, brother, and cafe workers make it seem like it is still October 13, 2002. She seems to be happy and smiles a lot. Henry Roth comes everyday to the cafe, and re­meets Lucy. Most of the time she seems to like Henry and invites him to eat with her. But, some days, she seems to be freaked out by Henry and does not want anything to do with him. However, once she is informed of her accident and the brain trauma she faced, she gets extremely emotional. She separates herself and usually cries for some time. She usually asks to see the doctor herself and have him explain it to her. She looks distraught and upset as the doctors show her her brain scans and tell her that her memory will most likely never improve.

Mental Status Exam:
Lucy answers incorrectly to any question dealing with orientation to time. She does not know the correct day, month, or year because she believes that every day is October 13, 2002. Because she always thinks it’s October, she will always think that it’s fall. She lives in Hawaii, which typically remains in the same tropical climate. Therefore, the weather outside will not give her any sign that her thoughts are wrong and it’s not actually October 13, 2002. Lucy scored a 5 out of 4 in the Orientation to Place category.

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