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• Bringing innovative products and services to our 404 million customers, 68% of whom live in emerging markets.
• Improve people’s livelihoods and quality of life.
• Help consumers, governments and businesses tackle some of the significant challenges they face – from food shortages and ageing populations, to lack of access to communications, healthcare and financial services.

• Where we are heading
• In November 2010 we set out a new strategy to develop from a strong Vodafone into a more valuable Vodafone. The strategy is driven by a focus on four key areas of growth potential: • Data services

Customer appetite for the mobile internet and related services will be the single biggest driver of our business going forward.
• Emerging markets
Our businesses in Africa and India are growing strongly as mobile communications are having a transformational impact on people’s lives.
• Enterprise and total communications
Businesses account for a large part of our activity and growth in this sector will be driven by employees becoming more mobile, devices more secure and the convergence of fixed and wireless communications.

• New services
Machine-to-machine, mobile commerce services and operator billing, amount many others, offer exciting new avenues for growth.

Market value

Increase revenue by 20%

Price plans

Customer ranking

95% customer satisfaction

Good plans for customer, rewards and benefits for loyal customer

Cost efficiency

More towers

Network connectivity

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